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Crab Nebula in ultraviolet 19-Mar-2018:
Crab Nebula in ultraviolet
The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant some 6500 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Taurus. The image shown here is in ultraviolet light taken by ESA’s XMM-Newton telescope, which has been surveying the sky since 2000.

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Rho Ophiuchi A 26-Feb-2018:
XMM-Newton spies first clear X-ray flares from massive stellar lighthouse
In 2014, ESA's XMM-Newton spotted X-rays emanating from the massive star Rho Ophiuchi A and, last year, found these to ebb and flow periodically in the form of intense flares – both unexpected results.

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Stellar Wind 02-Feb-2018:
Stellar winds behaving unexpectedly
ESA's XMM-Newton has spotted surprising changes in the powerful streams of gas from two massive stars, suggesting that colliding stellar winds don't behave as expected.

Further details on ESA's Space Science web portal.

Crescent Nebula 11-Dec-2017:
Crescent nebula
A young massive star that began life around 25 times more massive than our own Sun is shedding shells of material and fast winds to create this dynamic scene captured by ESA’s XMM-Newton.

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Jupiter's ultraviolet auroras 30-Oct-2017:
Surprisingly erratic X-ray auroras discovered at Jupiter
ESA's XMM-Newton and NASA's Chandra X-ray space telescopes have revealed that, unlike Earth's polar lights, the intense auroras seen at Jupiter's poles unexpectedly behave independently of one another.

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