XMM-Newton Conferences & Meetings


2024 Science Workshop
The X-ray Mysteries of Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2024

The X-ray Universe 2023
Athens, Greece
June 2023

2022 Science Workshop
Black Hole accretion under the X-ray microscope
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2022

2021 Science Workshop
A high-energy view of exoplanets and their environments
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
May 2021

Symposium       Cancelled
The X-ray Universe 2020
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
25-29 May 2020

20th Anniversary Event
Celebration of XMM-Newton's 20th Anniversary
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
10-11 December 2019

2019 XMM-Newton Lab       Cancelled
XMM-Newton Lab
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
October 2019

2019 Science Workshop
Astrophysics of hot plasma in extended X-ray sources
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2019

2018 Science Workshop
Time-Domain Astronomy: A High Energy View
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2018

The X-ray Universe 2017
Rome, Italy
June 2017

2016 Science Workshop
XMM-Newton: The Next Decade
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
May 2016

2015 Science Workshop
The Extremes of Black Hole Accretion
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2015

The X-ray Universe 2014
Dublin, Ireland
June 2014

2013 Science Workshop
The Fast and the Furious: Energetic Phenomena in Isolated Neutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Supernova Remnants ESAC, Madrid, Spain, May 2013

2012 Science Workshop
Galaxy Clusters as Giant Cosmic Laboratories
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
May 2012

The X-ray Universe 2011
Berlin, Germany
June 2011

2010 Science Workshop
Ultra-Luminous X-ray sources and Middle Weight Black Holes
ESAC, Madrid, Spain, May 2010

2009 Science Workshop
Supersoft X-ray Sources: New Developments
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
May 2009

The X-ray Universe 2008
Granada, Spain
May 2008

2007 Science Workshop
XMM-Newton: The Next Decade
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2007

2006 Science Workshop
Variable and Broad Iron Lines around Black Holes
ESAC, Madrid, Spain
June 2006

The X-ray Universe 2005
El Escorial, Spain
September 2005

2001 Science Workshop
New Visions of the X-ray Universe
ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands
November 2001

1998 Science Workshop (The First XMM Workshop)
Science with XMM-Newton
ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands
September 1998