XMM-Newton Current Calibration File: Updates

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2003-01-29; New version of MOS and PN responses for ALL observation modes

EPIC response files are available for ALL observation modes.


The canned MOS RMFs are observing mode and observation date dependent. The files are called;
For example;

<camera> 1 or 2 for MOS-1 and MOS-2
<ccd> The number of the CCD, only the central CCD (number 1) is available at the moment. The variation between CCD s is small.
<version> Version number, currently 'r7'
<mode> 'im' for all imaging modes, 'ti' for Timing mode.
<patterns> 'p0' for pattern 0 only, 'all' for patterns 0 - 12
<start_date> The first observation date for which this file should be used. The last observation date is given by the sta rt date of the next file in the sequence, e.g. m11_r7_im_all_2000-11-09.rmf should be used for observation dates fro m 09/11/2000 to 17/04/2001 inclusive.

It is important to use the correct epoch matrix when fitting spectral lines. The epoch boundaries are:

  • Start_of_mission - 14/7/2000
  • 15/07/2000 - 08/11/2000
  • 09/11/2000 - 17/04/2001
  • 18/04/2001 - 17/08/2001
  • 18/08/2001 - 25/09/2001
  • 26/09/2001 - 24/11/2001
  • 25/11/2001 - 06/11/2002
  • 07/11/2002 - today


As before there are response matrices for spectra selected from single-pixel events only, doubles only, and single+doubles combined, all for an event threshold of 20 adu. For instance, for full frame mode (ff):

epn_ff20_dY9_medium.rmf doubles selected from CCD lines 180-199, medium filter
epn_ff20_dY9_thick.rmf same, thick filter
epn_ff20_dY9_thin.rmf same, thin filter
epn_ff20_dY9_closed.rmf same, no filter, no telescope areas (useful for cal source)
epn_ff20_dY9.rmf same, pure redistribution, normalised to 1, without double fraction applied.
Read also this update.
epn_ff20_sY9_medium.rmf singles selected from CCD lines 180-199, medium filter
epn_ff20_sdY9_medium.rmf singles+doubles from CCD lines 180-199, medium filter

Extended full frame mode is indicated with the epn_ef prefix, small window mode with epn_sw, large window mode with epn_lw.

Files for ten CCD areas depending on the distance from the readout node are provided, and they are labelled as follows:

  • Y0 CCD lines 0-19
  • Y1 CCD lines 20-39
  • ...
  • Y9 CCD lines 180-199


Problems ?

Questions regarding the CCF should be addressed to the XMM-Newton Helpdesk.