Planck 2014

The microwave sky in temperature and polarization

New results from Planck and other experients were presented and discussed at the conference Planck 2014 - The microwave sky in temperature and polarization, which took place 1-5 December 2014 at Palazzo Costabili in Ferrara, Italy. Click to visit the conference web page.

All the Planck presentations made in Ferrara are preliminary results based on data from the 2014 release, expected within a few weeks after the conference.  Links to presentations given at Ferrara are provided below. A few of the presentations contain details which may still change and will be provided at a later time.



Title Speaker
The Planck mission M. Bersanelli
Overview of LFI maps generation and their characteristics D. Maino
HFI maps: what's new wrt 2013 O. Perdereau
The Planck temperature and polarization CMB maps G. Rocha
Understanding the uncertanties in the Planck data A. Mennella
The Planck low-ell CMB power spectra and likelihood P. Natoli
The Planck high-ell CMB power spectra and likelihood F. Elsner
The Planck cosmological parameters S. Gratton
Consistency of the Planck data C. R. Lawrence
Primordial non-Gaussianity B. Wandelt
Large-scale anomalies with Planck G. Polenta
Planck isotropy and statistics E. Martínez-González
Preliminary 2014 results from Planck G. Efstathiou
Preliminary Planck results on dark matter annihilation S. Galli
Gravitational lensing for Planck 2014 A. Lewis
The lensing-induced B-mode from Planck L. Perotto
Planck component separation and foregrounds I. K. Wehus
Planck view of low frequency foregrounds M. Vidal
Dust polarization properties P. Martin
Magnetic field structure from dust polarization F. Boulanger
Towards a unified model of polarized emission and extinction from interstellar dust B. Hensley
Dust emission from Planck T. Ghosh
Microwave emission from spinning dust and its polarization spectrum T. Hoang
Signature of the magnetic field geometry of interstellar filaments in dust polarization maps D. Arzoumanian
The dust polarization statistics at high Galactic latitudes J. Aumont
The Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources II M. López-Caniego
The Planck catalogue of high-z source candidates L. Montier
Cosmology with Planck SZ cluster counts A. Bonaldi
The Planck legacy catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich sources M. Rossetti
Extragalactic emission: Herschel and Planck D. Elbaz
Planck all-sky Compton parameter map and characterization B. Comis
Radio astronomy and CMB observations B. Partridge
Baryon Oscillations Spectroscopic Survey S. Ho
The QUIJOTE experiment J. A. Rubino-Martin
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope M. Devlin
SPT/SPT-POL R. Keisler
The COsmic Origins Explorer + P. de Bernardis
POLARBEAR: CMB Polarization measurements and future expansion K. Arnold
LiteBIRD T. Matsumura
Review of future CMB experiments L. Page
Inflation M. Zaldarriaga
Planck constraints on inflation F. Finelli
Planck power spectrum and bispectrum constraints: implications for inflation N. Bartolo
Planck contraints on isocurvature J. Valiviita
Stacking of Planck 2014 temperature, polarization and primordial curvature maps A. Frolov, Z. Huang
Mapping the Planck 2014 early Universe phonon spectrum R. Bond
Constraints on primordial magnetic fields with Planck D. Paoletti
Alternatives to inflation J.-L. Lehners
Nucleosynthesis and Planck constraints L. Pagano
Cosmic star formation history and Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect from a global analysis of CIB anisotropies P. Serra
Planck constraints on neutrinos M. Lattanzi
Dark energy and modified gravity V. Pettorino
Cross correlations with CMB secondaries N. Battaglia
Early results from C-BASS S. Muchovej
Neutrino cosmology after Planck 2014 J. Lesgourgues
The Planck simulation challenge J. Borrill
Why recombination is so important for the interpretation of Planck data J. Chluba
The epoch of reionization: A. Lapi
The LHC and cosmology M. Garny
String theory lessons for the first CMB multipoles? A. Sagnotti
The Higgs boson in cosmology J. García-Bellido
Dark matter from cosmological probes S. White
Dark matter from particle physics P. Ullio
Comparing cosmological constraints from X-ray galaxy clusters with Planck results H. Boehringer
The decomposed Fermi gamma-ray sky and its relation to the Planck microwave sky T. Ensslin
Synchrotron radiation, magnetic fields and cosmic rays G. Di Bernardo
Optical observations of Planck galaxy clusters with RTT150 telescope R. Burenin
Cosmic polarization rotation and pseudoscalar-photon interaction W.-T. Ni
Euclid L. Valenziano
Concluding remarks R. Sunyaev


POSTER Presentations

Title Presenter
Anomalous Microwave Emission: high resolution observations of RCW175 and 3C396 E. S. Battistelli
Cross-correlating Planck CMB Lensing with High-z Sub-mm H-ATLAS galaxies F. Bianchini
The Planck Legacy Archive X. Dupac
Variance Asymmetry Y. Fantaye
Light Sterile Neutrino and Inflationary Freedom S. Gariazzo
Planck 2014 constraints on neutrino perturbations M. Gerbino
The Olympo Experiment R. Gualtieri
Planck high-z sources observed by Herscehl-SPIRE D. Guery
Primordial Power Spectrum Observations T. Handley
The ACT Telescope: a measurement of the Thermal SZ One-Point PDF J. Colin Hill
Build your own Planck LFI maps E. Keihänen
Planck Publications Management R. Leonardi
Measuring Planets fluxes with Planck/LFI M. Maris
The Andromeda Galaxy as seen by Planck M. Peel
An improved source-subtracted and destriped 408 MHz all-sky map C. Dickinson
Planck constraints on deuterium and comparison with direct observations L. Salvati
Searches for Cosmic Polarization Rotation S. Serego
Using spinning dust emission to constrain the abundande of small dust grains C. T. Tibbs
Galactic synchrotron radiation in the context of cosmic-ray propagation models E. Orlando