XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting Presentations, 17 Jun 2020

The following presentations are available for download in PDF format.

Author Presentation Download Size
P. Kretschmar Overall Mission Status mission_status.pdf 5 Mb
N. Schartel Report of the Project Scientist science_report.pdf 3.1 Mb
R. Gonzalez User support and mission planning usg.pdf 764 Kb
M. Smith Calibration EPIC calibration_epic.pdf 4.9 Mb
R. Gonzalez Calibration RGS calibration_rgs.pdf 1.1 Mb
S. Rosen Calibration OM calibration_om.pdf 12 Mb
S. Rosen UG Community input on OM Fast Mode om_fast.pdf 1.4 Mb
P. Rodriguez Pipeline development pipeline.pdf 1.5 Mb
R. Saxton Status of SAS medium-long term plan sas.pdf 1.2 Mb
M. Watson / N. Webb SSC Status ssc.pdf 3.4 Mb
N. Schartel Input from Community UG_input.pdf 2.4 Mb