2007 Science Workshop List of Posters


The poster list is also available for Download Here.

XMM-Newton: The Next Decade


Stars, Star forming Regions & the Solar System

Star-disk Interactions in Young Accreting Stars in Outburst

Audard et al.

Stellar Coronae in Saturated and Supersaturated late-type Stars

Garcia-Alvarez et al.

AB Dor: the Best X-ray Spectrum

Sanz-Forcada et al.

X-Ray Spectroscopy and Photometry of the long-period Polar AI Tri with XMM-Newton

Traulsen et al.

Compact Objects

A deep View into the Black Holes high Energy Emission

Caballero-García et al.

X-ray Properties of Magnetic Accreting White Dwarfs

de Martino et al.

Thermal X-ray Emission from Hot Spot in Radio Pulsars with Drifting Subpulses

Gil et al.

Long-term Evolution of the Emission from the Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 4U 0142+61

Gonzalez et al.

A Model for Pulsed X-ray Emission from Radio Pulsars

Melikidze et al.

On a multi-resonant origin of high frequency QPOs in the atoll source 4U 1636-53

Török et al

SNRs and the Interstellar Medium

Mapping the Hot ISM Using X-ray Shadowing Towards Infrared Dark Clouds

Anderson et al.

The Ejecta Structure of the Oxygen-rich SNR Puppis A revealed by XMM-Newton

Katsuda et al.

Principal Component Analysis of the Cygnus Loop: Preliminary Results

Nemes et al.

Galaxies and Galaxy Surveys

Tidal Disruption Events from the XMM-Newton Slew Survey

Esquej et al.

Active Galaxies

XMM-Newton Observations of the X-ray Absorption in the Local Universe

Akylas et al.

An XMM-Newton Catalogue of radio-quiet AGN

Bianchi et al.

A Catalogue of X-ray Spectral Properties of BLLacs

de la Calle Perez et al.

An X-ray View of absorbed AGN

De Rosa et al.

The XMM-LSS Survey: Properties and two-point Angular Correlations of point-like Sources

Garcet et al.

The XMM-LSS Survey: about Testing the Unified Scheme upon optically identified X-ray selected AGN in the [2-10] keV Band

Garcet et al.

X-raying close Pairs of Interacting Galaxies: activation of quiescent AGN?

Loiseau et al.

Stacked Spectra from a large Sample of type 1 AGNs in the XMM-Newton Archive

Longinotti et al.

The XMM-LSS Survey: SEDs of the hard AGN Population

Maraschi et al.

Hard X-ray Observation of the M81 Nucleus with Suzaku

Yamada et al.

Clusters of Galaxies & the WHIM

The Evolution Histories of five Clusters of Galaxies

Durret et al.

Properties of X-ray point Sources in Clusters of Galaxies

Hudaverdi et al.

Study on Spatial Distribution of Metals and the Other Cluster Components

Kawaharada et al.

Suzaku Study of hard X-ray Emission from Nearby Galaxy Clusters

Kitaguchi et al.

The long-term Evolution of the XMM-Newton Background

Rodriguez-Pascual et al.

Cosmology & Extragalactic Surveys

A Population of mid-IR Compton thick AGN in the CDF-N?

Georgantopoulos et al

New Opportunities for multi-wavelength and follow-up Observations

XMM-Newton follow-up Observations of a short Gamma-ray burst

Castro-Tirado et al.

BiRD: A Browsing Interface for RGS Data

Gonzalez-Riestra et al.

The Power of Slews to perform large Area XMM Observations

Saxton et al.

XWAS: XMM-2dF Wide Angle Survey

Tedds et al.