"The X-ray Universe 2008" Symposium

The X-ray Universe 2008
Granada, Spain, 27 - 30 May 2008

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Online Presentations

All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. The electronic versions (if available) can be accessed in the format provided by the authors by clicking on the titles.



Topic A: Stars, Star-forming Regions, Planetary and Cometary Studies

Invited talks

X-rays in cool stars: From present challenges to future observations, Audard

X-ray emission from hot stars, Naze


Contributed talks

X-ray views of the Solar System, Branduardi-Raymont

X-ray activity and the YSO circumstellar environment: results from DROXO, Flaccomio

Young A stars: The softest Youngsters, Guenther

Resonance scattering in the X-ray emission line profiles of zeta Pup, Leutenegger

Hard X-ray emission from Eta Carinae, Leyder

X-ray spectroscopy of single O stars, Oskinova

The periastron and X-ray eclipse of WR25, Pollock

X-rays from classical T Tauri stars - Accretion and wind signatures, Robrade

Carbon rich X-ray spectrum of a Wolf-Rayet binary theta Muscae, Sugawara

A Survey of Orion A with XMM-Newton and Spitzer: SOXS, Wolk

Pinpointing a stellar X-ray flare using XMM-Newton and VLT/UVES, Wolter



The ChaMP Extended Stellar Survey (ChESS), Agueros

The Chandra view of the weak-lined T Tau binary HDE 245059, Baldovin Saavedra

Identifying XMM-Newton observation affected by solar wind charge exchange, Carter

An XMM-Newton View of Westerlund 1, Kavanagh

Coronal properties of active M dwarfs, Liefke

Accretion and Corona: HETG Chandra observations of TW Hya, Luna

X-ray properties of sources detected in the DROXO survey, Pillitteri

2XMM Cool-Star Variability Survey: the 2XMM/Tycho Sample, Pye

First analysis of the LETGS observations of Delta Orionis, Raassen

The XMM-Newton view of the rich cluster Cygnus OB2, Rauw


Topic B: Interacting Binary Systems, (Galactic) Black Holes & Micro-quasars

Invited talks

Ultraluminous X-ray Sources, Roberts

Variability: from X-ray binaries to AGN, Uttley


Contributed talks

The "Big Dipper" to probe the warm absorber in X-ray binaries, Boirin

X-ray eclipse time delays in 4U 2129+47, Bozzo

Multiwavelength Comparisons between Two Recent X-ray Novae, Cadolle Bel

X-rays from Quiescent Black Holes: Accretion or Jet Powered?, Cui

Variations in the dip properties of the LMXB XB 1254-69 as observed by XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL, Diaz Trigo

The Variable Source Content of the 2XMM Catalogue, Farrell

Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Models for Ellipticals NGC 3379 and NGC 4278, Fragos

Rapid Optical/X-ray flux correlations in the low/hard state of GX 339-4, Gandhi

A Jet Emitting Disc model for the microquasar broad band emission, Henri

The thermal emission component in low-luminosity binary pulsars, La Palombara

Wind accretion in supergiant X-ray binaries, Negueruela

Enlightening differences in Accreting Millisecond Pulsars behavior, Papitto

Are there atoll/Z sources in HMXB?, Reig

Measuring the black hole spin of GX 339-4: A systematic look at its very high and low/hard state, Reis

INTEGRAL Observations Of Massive Stars Unveil Dynamics Of Stellar Winds, Walter

New observational insights into the Low/Hard State of Cygnus X-1 with Suzaku, Yamada

Mass estimates in Ultraluminous X-ray Sources, Zampieri



A genuine new black hole candidate in the M31 globular cluster Bo 45, Barnard

Suzaku Observation of IGR J16318-4848, Barragan

Pulse profile study of the accreting X-ray pulsar A 0535+26, Camero-Arranz

The Scutum survey, Camero-Arranz

X-ray spectra and polarization from accreting black holes: Polarization of the thermal emission, Dovciak

X-ray spectral variability in the ULX population of NGC 4485 and NGC 4490, Gladstone

XMM-Newton's view of the eclipsing burster low-mass X-ray binary AX J1745.6-2901, Grosso

Exploring variability in GRS 1915+105 using INTEGRAL, RXTE and the radio , Hannikainen

Pulsed thermal emission in the accreting pulsar HMXB XMMU J054134.7-682550 reveals accretion geometry, Manousakis

X-ray behaviour of the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient: XTE J1739-302, Martinez-Nunez

The INTEGRAL/IBIS view of IGR J16318-4848. Possible detection of spin period, Miralles-Caballero

NGC 6388: XMM-Newton and Chandra observation, Nucita

XMM-Newton observation of 1RXS J180431.1-273932, Nucita

Mass-loss rate estimation for the massive binary 4U 1538-52/QV Nor, Rodes

Three black-hole binaries observed with XMM: XTE J1817-330; XTE J1856+053 and GRS 1915+105, Sala

Modelling the RXTE and INTEGRAL Spectra of GX 9+9, Savolainen

Iron Lines and Precession Variability of the Unique Microquazar GRS 1915+105, Seifina

The role of the disk irradiation in the outbursts of the Rapid Burster, Simon

The strange 12 years long outburst with a series of echo outbursts in KS1731-260, Simon

Accretion discs in interacting compact binaries: Optical spectroscopy of X1822-371, Somero

INTEGRAL long term monitoring of 4U 1722-30: spectral state variations, Tarana


Topic C: Cataclysmic Variables and Novae

Invited talks

X-ray Studies of Classical Novae & Super Soft Sources (SSS), Ness


Contributed talks

Chandra Spectroscopy of the Hot DA White Dwarf LB1919 and the PG1159 Star PG1520+5250, Adamczak

Magnetic accreting white dwarfs in the XMM-Newton era, de Martino

Cataclysmic variables as hard X-ray emitters seen by INTEGRAL, Galis

The turn-off and recovery of accretion in classical novae as seen by XMM-Newton, Hernanz

Hard X-ray Emitting White Dwarfs in Symbiotic Stars: a Progress Report, Mukai

Novae: X-ray observations as a test of mass loss and evolution, Orio

Are many Supersoft X-ray Sources in Be-White Dwarf Binaries?, Orio

Soft X-ray emission of polars, Reinsch

Multiwavelength spectroscopy of high-accretion rate polars, Schwope

Suzaku Observation of a White Dwarf as a new Candidate of Cosmic-ray Origin, Terada



RR Pic (1925): A Chandra X-ray View, Pekoen

The recovery of accretion in a classical nova seen for the first time in X-rays with XMM-Newton, Ferri

INTEGRAL broadband X-ray spectra of the selected intermediate polars, Galis

V1223 Sgr: long term variability and periodic modulation of hard X-ray emission, Galis

XMM-Newton observation of the supersoft classical nova V5116 Sgr 2005 No.2, Sala

Long-term activity and outbursts of the intermediate polar V1223 Sgr, Simon

Suzaku ToO Studies of Classical Novae V458 Vul and V2491 Cyg, Takei


Topic D: Magnetars, Isolated Neutron Stars and Pulsars

Invited talks

X-ray emission from Isolated Neutron Stars: The "Three Musketeers" meet the "Magnificent Seven", Haberl

The Equation of State of Neutron Stars: Neutron-star masses, radii and internal composition, Mendez

Pulsar wind nebulae: The VHE - X-ray connection, Puehlhofer


Contributed talks

Neutron Star Structure Constraints from Low-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy, Heinke

Recent Suzaku Results on Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars, Makishima

XMM-Newton reveals magnetars magnetospheric plasma densities, Rea

A resonant cyclotron scattering model for the soft X-ray spectra of Magnetar Candidates, Zane



A Study of Broad-Band Noise Characteristics of AXPs and SGRs, Balman

Long X-ray burst monitoring with INTEGRAL, Chenevez

Cyclotron Lines in Binary X-ray Pulsars, Nakajima

On the nature of newly discovered soft X-ray sources selected from the 2XMMp catalogue: Searching for thermally emitting isolated neutron stars, Pires

Soft X-ray Sources in the 2XMM Catalogue, Rodrigues

Chandra Study of the High Magnetic Field PSR J1119-6127: Any Link to Magnetars?, Safi-Harb

Suzaku Observation of HESS J 1825-137; Discovery of an unusually extended X-ray pulsar wind nebula of PSR J1826-1334, Uchiyama

X-ray timing and spectral properties of the glitching AXP 1RXS J170849.0-400910, Zane


Topic E: Planetary Nebulae, SN, SNR, Gamma-ray Bursts and Afterglows

Contributed talks

On the chemical abundance of mixed morphology supernova remnants, Bocchino

Accretion in the collapsar. How long can be a long GRB?, Janiuk

The Slow X-ray Expansion of the Northwestern Rim of RX J0852.0-4622, Katsuda

Examination of XMM-Newton spectra of the SNR 0509-67.5, Kosenko

The nature of a cosmic-ray accelerator CTB37B observed with Suzaku and Chandra, Nakamura

Mixing of hot 1 MK gas and cool electrons in planetary nebulae => Mixing of hot and cold gas in shocked plasma, Nordon

Chandra Monitoring of X-Ray Evolution of SNR 1987A, Park

X-ray observation of the Cygnus Loop with Suzaku and XMM-Newton, Tsunemi

Detection of a SNIa progenitor? SN2007on in the X-rays, Voss



Mapping the TeV SNR RX J1713.7-3946, Acero

Cosmic ray acceleration by the supernova remnant RCW 86, Helder

A comprehensive study of X-ray supernova remnants in nearby galaxies, Leonidaki

X-ray emission of the shock of SN1006. Constraints on electron kinetics, Petruk

X-ray studies of Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS) Supernova Remnants (SNRs), Safi-Harb

Investigation of the evolution of SN 2006aj/GRB060218 using the color indices, Simon

XMM-Newton Observations of the Southwestern Region of the Cygnus Loop, Uchida

Supernova Remnants in M33: Results from the Chandra ACIS Survey of M33, Winkler

Fe-rich ejecta in the northeast shell of RCW 86 revealed with Suzaku, Yamaguchi


Topic F: Galaxies, Galaxy Surveys, Population Studies, ISM and Diffuse Galactic Emission

Invited talks

Spatial Distribution of the Galactic Diffuse X-Rays and Time Variability of the 6.4-keV Clumps, Koyama


Contributed talks

X-ray follow-ups of TeV unID sources using Suzaku, Bamba

Discovery of Hot Gas in Outflow in NGC 3379, Brassington

Deep Chandra Observations of LMXB Populations in Normal Elliptical Galaxies, Brassington

The Spectral Properties of Galactic X-ray Sources at Faint Fluxes, Byckling

The X-ray Morphology and Spectra of Galactic Disks, Owen

A deep XMM observation of M82, Ranalli

XMM-OM Serendipitous UV Source Survey, Still

Hot gas in Spiral Cluster Galaxies, Wezgowiec



An X-ray Survey of Wolf-Rayet Stars in the Magellanic Clouds, Guerrero


Topic G: Active Galactic Nuclei

Invited talks

Outflows in AGNs: High and Low Resolution X-ray View, Krongold

Accretion and reflection in Galactic BHs and AGNs, Miniutti


Contributed talks

Robust identification of distant Compton-thick AGNs, Alexander

The Dichotomy of Seyfert Galaxies at Hardest X-rays, Beckmann

NGC 3147: a "true" type 2 Seyfert galaxy without the broad-line region, Bianchi

The nature of X-ray selected Broad Absorption Line Quasars, Blustin

X-ray selected z>3 QSOs in the XMM-COSMOS field, Brusa

Average Fe K-alpha emission from distant AGN, Corral

Variability of the Fe K line complex in bright nearby AGNs, De Marco

The X-ray view of absorbed INTEGRAL AGN, De Rosa

Seeking type 2 QSO amongst bright X-ray selected EXOs, Del Moro

Mrk 509 with RGS and EPIC-pn: The best of both worlds, Detmers

Multi-epoch X-ray observations of Seyfert 1 Galaxies, Gallo

The spatial clustering of X-ray selected AGN at z~1, Gilli

The disk-jet link: X-ray and radio monitoring of PKS 0558-504, Gliozzi

An XMM-Newton view of Q2122-444: an AGN without Broad Line Region?, Gliozzi

An X-ray view of the Nature of LINERs, Gonzalez-Martin

Particle acceleration in active galaxies - the X-ray view, Hardcastle

Bubble heating in groups and clusters: the nature of ghost cavities, Jetha

The variable X-ray spectrum of PDS456 and High-Velocity Outflows, Kaspi

An XMM-Newton Study of the Centaurus A Northern Middle Radio Lobe, Kraft

The nature and density of Spitzer selected X-ray absorbed AGN, La Franca

AEGIS-X: Results from the Chandra survey of the Extended Groth Strip, Laird

FERO: Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects (statistics of relativistic broad Fe K-alpha lines in AGN), Longinotti

BAT AGN Survey - XMM Suzaku follow-up Progress Report, Mushotzky

GR Models of the X-ray Spectral Variability in MCG-6-30-15, Niedzwiecki

Winds from X-ray absorbed QSOs, Page

The XMM-Newton long look of NGC 1365: Measuring the size of the X-ray source, Risaliti

Spectral Energy Distribution of Hyper-Luminous Infrared Galaxies, Ruiz

A 3D map of the AGN distribution and the relation to the zCOSMOS density field, Silverman

From radio to gamma-rays: 3C 273 reveals its multi-component structure, Soldi

Time resolved X-ray spectroscopy of NGC 4051, Steenbrugge

The Space Density of Compton Thick AGN, Treister

INTEGRAL Spectrum of the Cosmic X-ray Background from Occultation by the Earth, Tuerler

Non-thermal hard X-ray emission from the radio halo of M87, Walter



The Warm Absorber of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC5548, Andrade-Velazquez

The origin of the faintness in the X-ray weak QSOs: the case of PG 0043+039, Ballo

An inhomogeneous jet model for the rapid variability of TeV blazars, Boutelier

Variability selected AGNs in the Chandra Deep Field South, Boutsia

SUZAKU observations of bright Compton-Thin Seyfert2, Braito

XMM-Newton survey of the COSMOS field, Cappelluti

High Velocity Outflows in Narrow Absorption Line Quasars, Chartas

Suzaku observation of Markarian 359, Crummy

The nature of the intranight variability of radio-quiet quasars, Czerny

FERO (Finding Extreme Relativistic Objects): statistics of relativistic Fe K-alpha Lines in Type1 AGN, de la Calle

XMM-Newton & INTEGRAL broad-band study of the luminous quasar 4C04.42: clues on a bulk Compton feature?, de Rosa

Tidal disruption events from the XMM-Newton slew survey, Esquej

Connecting AGN with Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays, George

The SDSS/2XMM BALQSO sample, Giustini

Blazars & ESA INTEGRAL Satellite, Hudec

Hydrodynamical simulations of the AGN Central Engine in 3D, Janiuk

X-ray properties of a sample of polar-scattered Seyfert galaxies, Jimenez-Bailon

Revealing X-ray obscured quasars in SWIRE sources with extreme Mid-IR/Optical flux ratios, Lanzuisi

X-ray spectral analysis of sources in SA57, Lanzuisi

NGC 4051: low state XMM-Newton observation and modelization via the Cloudy code, Maruccia

The X-ray emission in the radio jet of 3C 17 and 3C 78, Massaro

The Chandra 3C Snapshot Survey for Sources with z<0.3, Massaro

Variability Analysis of the Seyfert 1 Galaxy MCG-6-30-15 observed by ASCA and Suzaku, Miyakawa

NLS1 galaxies in the eye of the X-ray excess variance method, Nikolajuk

XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL broad-band spectra of newly discovered broad line AGN, Panessa

Are strongly variable Seyfert 2 galaxies really AGN without a BLR?, Panessa

OTELO survey: Properties of X-ray Emitters in the Groth Field, Povic

The XMM-Lockman Hole Survey: Deep multi-band optical imaging with the LBT, Rovilos

X-ray Relic Counterjet of Cygnus A, Steenbrugge

Ultimate synchrotron cutoff in gamma-ray spectra of blazars as a signature of the converter mechanism, Stern

The peculiar properties of the narrow-line quasar PG 1543+489 at z=0.40, Vignali


Topic H: Clusters of Galaxies

Invited talks

High-redshift clusters and their evolution, Arnaud

Feedback at work: Radio sources in clusters, Ferretti

The X-ray Foundation for AGN Feedback in the Radio Mode, McNamara


Contributed talks

Chemical Discriminators of Cold Fronts in Clusters of Galaxies: The case for A3667, Dupke

The cluster gas mass fraction as a cosmological probe: a revised study, Ettori

X-ray Groups with Chandra and XMM: mass, entropy and AGN heating , Gastaldello

The chemical enrichment of clusters of galaxies, Kaastra

Mapping the non-thermal emission in Coma cluster of galaxies using the FeXXV/FeXXVI line ratio, Nevalainen

Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Suzaku Observations of Local Galaxy Groups and Clusters, Reiprich

The XMM Cluster Survey: Project summary and Cosmology Forecasts, Romer

RGS observations of cool gas in cluster cores, Sanders

Hard X-ray Emission and IC in Coma and Abell 3667 from Suzaku and XMM-Newton, Sarazin

Metallicity in ICM of clusters and groups of galaxies observed with Suzaku, Sato

Evolution of the Thermodynamical and Chemical properties of the IntraCluster Medium, Tozzi



Galaxy Clusters in the Swift/BAT era, Ajello

The most distant cluster of galaxies ever detected ?, Albacete Colombo

The disturbed X-ray cluster Abell 3376 and its giant ring-like radio structures, Bagchi

The Evolution History of Binary Cluster Abell 3705, Beygu

X-ray and strong lensing mass estimate of MS2137.3, Donnarumma

INTEGRAL observations of galaxy clusters, Eckert

Dynamical histories of six clusters of galaxies by XMM-Newton, Erkurt

Building a z>=1 X-ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Sample for Cosmic Evolution Studies, Fassbender

Nature of X-ray sources in the outskirts of clusters of galaxies, Hudaverdi

Stellar to gas mass ratio in rich clusters of galaxies, Lima Neto

Search for X-ray signatures of the cosmic web in superclusters, Madej

Intermediate-Redshift Groups in the XBootes Survey, Miller

Direct X-ray Spectral Deprojection of Galaxy Clusters, Russell

The X-ray - SZE - Optical - NIR Galaxy Cluster Survey, Suhada

Distribution of real X-ray clusters in the Universe and model clusters in simulations, Tikhonov

Observations of a z ~ 0.9 cluster of galaxies, Ulmer

Looking for Substructure in A S1136, Weratschnig

Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters: X-ray and Lensing vs. Simulations, Zhang


Topic I: Extragalactic Surveys and Population Studies, the Cosmic X-ray Background, WHIM and Cosmology

Invited talks

Exploring the High-Redshift X-ray Universe: Results from Snapshot to Ultradeep Surveys, Brandt

X-ray surveys of AGN : results and perspectives, Comastri


Contributed talks

The Cosmic X-ray Background Spectrum with Swift/BAT, Ajello

X-ray source populations from the XMM-Newton Medium Survey, Carrera

The Cosmological properties of AGN in the XMM-Newton Hard Bright Survey, Della Ceca

Cosmic evolution of AGN in several X-ray bands, Ebrero

The Chandra survey of the COSMOS field, Fiore

Compton thick AGN in the Chandra Deep Field North, Georgantopoulos

X-ray selected Type-2 QSOs: high luminosity in heavily obscured AGN, Mainieri

Cosmological implications from the XMM-LSS Class 1 cluster sample, Pacaud

Outcome of the XXL meeting, Pierre

A New Sample Of "Normal" X-ray Emitting Galaxies, Watson



Constraints on decaying Dark Matter from XMM-Newton observations of M31, Boyarsky

Optical identification of XMM-Newton detected sources in the Lockman Hole, Burwitz

Multiwavelength Identification of Chandra COSMOS X-ray sources, Civano

A POrtable Multi-Purpose Application for the X-ray Background and AGN counts, Gilli

Optical Counterparts of High-Energy Sources by ESA Gaia, Hudec

Extended Chandra Multi-wavelength Project (ChaMPx), Kim

The Foreground to the Hot Universe, Miskovicova

Deep XMM-Newton/ESO observations of the low-latitude area around 1E1207.4-5209, Novara


Topic J: X-ray Astronomy, Missions, Optics, Instrumentation, Data Analysis and Archiving

Invited talks

XMM-Newton: Status of the Project, Schartel

XEUS: the Physics of the Hot Evolving Universe, Turner


Contributed talks

Metallicity, Temperature and Density Determination with XEUS => X-ray photoionized plasma diagnostics modelling for XEUS, Boller

Spectr-RG X-ray Calorimeter, den Herder

Modelling the relativistic features with the KY models in XSPEC, Dovciak

The Simbol-X mission, Ferrando

Future prospects for the detection and characterization of non-thermal emission in galaxy clusters, Molendi

The Constellation-X Mission, Smith

New VO access to 500+ LEDAS high energy catalogues in one go!, Tedds



The ISDC Data Centre for Astrophysics, Beckmann

BiRD: Browsing RGS Spectra, Gonzalez-Riestra

Novel Technologies for Astronomical X-ray Telescopes, Hudec

Astrophysics with Lobster Eye X-ray Telescopes, Hudec

Methods of identification of X-ray sources with small telescopes in optical band, Kocka

Ground based robotic telescopes support of INTEGRAL and Gaia missions, Kocka

News from the XMM-Newton Image Gallery, Loiseau

NuSTAR: the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, Madsen

X-ray spectral evolution of TeV HBLs with BeppoSAX, XMM-Newton and SWIFT , Massaro

MagEX: Magnetosheath Explorer in X-rays, Read

An XMM-Newton Survey for X-ray Emission from Galactic Planetary Nebulae, Ruiz

Image Deconvolution of XMM-Newton Data, Song

Comparison of relativistic iron line models I. Fitting XMM-Newton data, Svoboda

Comparison of relativistic iron line models II. Fitting simulated data for the future satellite mission XEUS, Svoboda

European Virtual Observatory Data Centre Alliance, Tedds


Invited Speakers

Monique Arnaud CEA Saclay, France
Marc Audard ISDC/Geneva Observatory, Switzerland
Niel Brandt Penn State U., USA
Andrea Comastri INAF-OA Bologna, Italy
Luigina Ferretti INAF-IRA Bologna, Italy
Martín Guerrero IAA-CSIC Granada, Spain
Frank Haberl MPE Garching, Germany
Jack Hughes Rutgers, State U. New Jersey, USA
Katsuji Koyama U. Kyoto, Japan
Yair Krongold UNAM, Mexico
Brian McNamara U. Waterloo, Canada
Mariano Méndez U. Groningen, The Netherlands
Giovanni Miniutti Laboratoire APC Paris, France
Yaël Nazé U. Liege, Belgium
Jan-Uwe Ness Arizona State U., USA
Delphine Porquet Strasbourg Observatory, France
Gerd Pühlhofer ZAH-LSW Heidelberg, Germany
Tim Roberts Durham U., United Kingdom
Norbert Schartel XMM-Newton SOC, ESA
Martin Turner U. Leicester, United Kingdom
Phil Uttley U. Southampton, United Kingdom

Scientific Organising Committee (SOC)

Xavier Barcons (Chair) IFCA (CSIC-UC) Santander, Spain
Norbert Schartel (co-Chair) XMM-Newton SOC, ESA
Steve Allen Stanford U., USA
Marc Audard ISDC/Geneva Observatory, Switzerland
Jean Ballet CEA Saclay, France
Thomas Boller MPE Garching, Germany
Niel Brandt Penn State U., USA
Massimo Cappi IASF Bologna, Italy
Diana Hannikainen TKK/Metsähovi Radio Observatory, Finland
Margarida Hernanz ICE(CSIC) & IEEC, Barcelona, Spain
Giorgio Matt U. Roma Tre, Italy
Mariano Mendez U. Groningen, The Netherlands
Kirpal Nandra Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Arvind Parmar ESTEC, ESA
Delphine Porquet ULP Strasbourg, France
Gregor Rauw U. Liege, Belgium
Tim Roberts Durham U., United Kingdom
Sabine Schindler U. Innsbruck, Austria
Axel Schwope AI Potsdam, Germany
Yoshihiro Ueda U. Kyoto, Japan
Jacco Vink U. Utrecht, The Netherlands

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

Matthias Ehle (Chair)
Maria Diaz-Trigo (co-Chair)
Bruno Altieri
Michelle Arpizou
Rod Bailey
Carlos Gabriel
Martín Guerrero (IAA-CSIC)
Aitor Ibarra
Nora Loiseau
Josefa Masegosa (IAA-CSIC)
Ramon Muñoz
Eduardo Ojero
Andy Pollock
Maria Santos-Lleo
Richard Saxton

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