Ivan Valtchanov

Instrument and Calibration Scientist


Main Research Fields

Clusters and groups of galaxies, large-scale structure of the Universe, Cosmology, multi-wavelength observations, high redshift objects.

Ongoing collaborations

Herschel Guaranteed Time Key Projects:

Herschel Open Time Key Projects:

  • Herschel-ATLAS (PI: Steve Eales)
  • The Herschel Lensing Survey (PI: Eiichi Egami)
  • The Herschel survey in GOODS (PI: David Elbaz)

Herschel Guaranteed Time (GT1) Projects:

  • Deep SPIRE FTS follow-up of H-ATLAS lensed sub-mm galaxies (PI: Ivan Valtchanov)
  • The star formation history of galaxy clusters (PI: Bruno Altieri)
  • Herschel imaging photometry of nearby Seyfert galaxies: testing the coexistence of AGN and starburst activity and the nature of the dusty torus (PI: Miguel Sanchez-Portal)
  • Herschel In-situ Asteroid & Comet Observation programme (PI: Larry O'Rourke)

Herschel Open Time (OT1) Projects:

  • SPIRE Snapshot Survey of Massive Galaxy Clusters (PI: Eiichi Egami)
  • Death by Debris: Testing a new picture of Star Formation Quenching in Compact Groups (PI: Michelle Cluver)
  • Charting the Cooling Pathways in High-Speed Extragalactic Shocks (PI: Phil Appleton)
  • A Star formation oasis in the middle of a "cluster desert" (PI: Paola Popesso)
  • Characterising the ISM of bright, lensed star-forming galaxies across cosmic time with the SPIRE-FTS (PI: Rob Ivison)
  • THE HERSCHEL-AKARI NEP DEEP SURVEY: the cosmological history of stellar mass assembly and black hole accretion (PI: Stephen Serjeant)

Other (non-Herschel) surveys



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