Lisanne Braat

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My aim is to better understand Mars' ancient fluvial history through delta reconstruction by hydro-morphological numerical modeling. Deltas are important landforms because they are sedimentary records of past conditions and processes. Delta reconstruction modelling can therefore provide information about past flow condition, duration of fluvial activity and predict locations of clay deposits. I am currently researching the effect of gravity on delta stratigraphy, so we can better understand differences between delta development on Earth and Mars.


- Martian deltas
- Fluvial and coastal processes
- Geomorphology of Earth and Mars
- Sediment transport processes
- Hydro-morphological numerical modelling
- Flume experiments

Ongoing collaborations

Ricci Bahia (ESTEC)
Eleni Bohacek (ESTEC)
Sarah Boazman (ESTEC)
Elliot Sefton-Nash (ESTEC)
Mike Lamb (Caltech)
Anne Baar (University of Hull)
Muriel Brückner (University of Texas at Austin)


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ORCID: 0000-0003-1130-9620