Thomas Cornet

Archive Scientist (Planetary Sciences)


Main Research Fields

My main research field deals with the physico-chemical characterisation of planetary surfaces, and their evolution. The primary targets of my studies are the icy moons of Saturn (Titan, Enceladus) and Jupiter (Europa, Ganyemde, Callisto), as well as Mercury. 

My research encompasses several fields such as comparative planetology, geological mapping, thermodynamics, landscape evolution modeling, infrared spectroscopy and photometry, radiative transfer modeling, radar SAR modeling, ...


  • Planetary surfaces
  • Geology
  • Comparative planetology
  • Landscape Evolution Modeling
  • Radiative transfer
  • Spectroscopy
  • Photometry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Image processing and mapping (IR, VIS, radar SAR)
  • Icy moons
  • Mercury

Ongoing collaborations

Icy moons: G. Cruz-Mermy (ESA/ESAC), I. Belgacem (JPL/Caltech), S. Rodriguez (IPGP, Univ. Paris-Diderot, FR), B. Seignovert, S. Le Mouélic, O. Bourgeois (LPG Nantes, Univ. Nantes, FR), D. Cordier (GSMA, Univ. Reims, FR), C. Fleurant (LETG, Univ. Angers, FR), M. Malaska (JPL/Caltech, USA)...

Mercury: S. Besse, C. Muñoz (ESA/ESAC, SP)


Links to publications: 

Project/mission at ESA


  • BepiColombo


  • BepiColombo Operations Scientist
  • JUICE Archive Scientist

Scientifically involved with Cassini, JWST, JUICE for icy moons studies.

Scientifically involved with MESSENGER and BepiColombo for Mercury studies.