Thomas Cornet

Planetary Scientist


Main Research Fields

My main research area deals with the physico-chemical characterization of planetary surfaces and their evolution. I am particularly interested in the surface processes affecting the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and especially Saturn's major moon Titan. My research encompasses several fields such as geology, thermodynamics of solid-liquid equilibrium, landscape evolution modelling, infrared spectroscopy, photometry, and radiative transfer modelling.


  • Planetary surfaces geology and composition
  • Landscape Evolution Modelling
  • Radiative transfer, IR spectroscopy, photometry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Titan, icy moons

Ongoing collaborations

Non-exhaustive list:

  • S. Rodriguez (IPGP, Univ. Paris-Diderot, FR)
  • J. Brossier (DLR, DE)
  • D. Cordier, B. Seignovert (GSMA, Univ. Reims, FR)
  • C. Fleurant (LETG, Univ. Angers, FR)
  • O. Bourgeois, S. Le Mouelic (LPG Nantes, Univ. Nantes, FR)
  • C. Sotin (JPL/Caltech, USA)
  • J. Barnes, S. MacKenzie (Univ. of Idaho, USA)
  • N. Altobelli (ESA/ESAC, SP)
  • ...

Project/mission at ESA


Scientifically involved on:

  • Cassini
  • JWST