Erik Kuulkers



Main Research Fields

One of my current research projects is a program to monitor the source activity in the Galactic bulge regularly and frequently with INTEGRAL, following ~200 sources every INTEGRAL orbit (~2.6 days) for 3.5 hours, whenever the region is visible and making X-ray and gamma-ray light curves and images available as soon as possible: the Galactic bulge monitoring program. My other research interests include the study of thermo-nuclear explosions on neutron stars (called Type I X-ray bursts), as well as binary parameters determinations of compact star systems. Other subjects of interest include research on various types of Cataclysmic Variables. 


  • Thermo-nuclear X-ray bursts
  • (Observational) equation of state constraints of neutron stars
  • Physics of accretion in compact star binaries
  • Binary parameters determinations of compact star systems
  • High-energy Galactic bulge activity



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