Guido De Marchi



Main Research Fields

My main scientific interests include star formation, the study of resolved stellar populations, the structure of star clusters and their dynamical evolution, and the properties of the interstellar medium. I make extensive use of the HST and the JWST in my research and work with data from the UV to the near and far IR. I lead a research programme with JWST on star formation in the local group. 

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  • star formation in the Milky Way and Magellanic clouds
  • the properties of pre-main sequence stars and their accretion process
  • the stellar initial mass function in star clusters, young and old
  • the dynamical evolution and tidal disruption of globular clusters
  • the distribution and properties of gas and dust in nearby galaxies
  • interstellar medium and extinction in star forming regions

Ongoing collaborations

  • ESO (Giacomo Beccari)
  • STScI (Nino Panagia, Elena Sabbi)
  • INAF (Katia Biazzo, Antonino Milone)
  • Leiden (Ciaran Rogers, Bernhard Brandl)



Project/mission at ESA

Science Archives, JWST, HST