Joana S. Oliveira

Support Archive Scientist


Main Research Fields



My main research deals with internal (crustal and core) planetary magnetic fields for Mercury, the Moon, Mars and terrestrial analogs.

During my carreer I got experience on:

  • dealing with in-situ magnetometer data to get core magnetic field maps at constant orbital altitude of a planet.
  • analysis of the constrains on the early dynamo by studying planetary crustal magnetic field.
  • inversions for locating magnetized material of planetary crust.
  • magnetic field prospection on terrestrial analogs (voncanos and lava tubes).
  • magnetic fields instrumentation.



[last updated on the 30th November, 2023]



Planetary Magnetic Fields, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Terrestrial analogs.


Ongoing collaborations


  • LPL, Arizona University, USA
  • IPGP, Paris, France
  • INTA, Torréjon de Ardoz, Spain






















Project/mission at ESA

  • JUICE.
  • Heliophysics cross mission.
  • Previously Marie Curie fellow at INTA for ExoMars.
  • Previously ESA Research fellow for BepiColombo.