Michael Küppers

Planetary Scientist


Main Research Fields

The main topic of my research is the physics of small bodies in the solar system. Currently analysis of data from  Rosetta at comet C/G and modelling of cometary gas emissions are a main focus. Another topic is planetary defence and impact physics, with a view on the upcoming Hera mission to Asteroid Didymos. Other projects include the analyxis  of Herschel and ground-based observations of asteroids (incl. dwarf planet Ceres) and comets.


  • Composition and structure of comets 
  • Surface properties of asteroids and comets
  • Solar system formation
  • Imaging
  • Coma chemistry
  • Impacts
  • Planetary Defense

Ongoing collaborations

  • MPS, Göttingen, Germany (OSIRIS/Rosetta team)
  • Observatoire de Côte d'Azur



Project/mission at ESA