Laura A. Hayes

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My research currently involves using Solar Orbiter observations to better understand high-energy processes that occur in solar flare energy release. In particular I focus on using X-ray observations from the STIX instrument to study quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) in solar flare emission. 

My other research interests include:

  • Multi-wavelength observations of the solar corona; X-ray, radio, EUV, white-light + combining remote sensing with in-situ measurements
  • Space weather; solar flare statistics and forecasting + ionospheric impacts of solar flares
  • Open-source software development; see
  • Solar-stellar connection of flares (e.g. quasi-periodic pulsations observed in both solar and stellar flare emission)


Ongoing collaborations

Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS), Ireland

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

American University (AU), Washington DC, USA

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, MA, USA


Please see here for a list of my publications 

Project/mission at ESA

Solar Orbiter



Twitter: @laura_hayess