Juan de Pablos

SW Developer for Planetary Science


Main Research Fields

My main research interests revolve around the areas of computational mechanics (solid and structural), numerical modelling/simulation, Bayesian inference, uncertainty quantification and reduction, optimization methods, flight dynamics, and scientific software development.

I have participated in several EU-funded research projects as part of my Ph.D., as well as in NASA projects through doctoral stays at JPL. Lately, I have been involved in the development of mission analysis SW for ESA (flight dynamics and replenishment tools), either as part of external companies or working internally as a contractor (MAPPS or SPOT).


  • Numerical methods
  • Computational modelling
  • Solid/Structural mechanics
  • Flight dynamics
  • UQ 
  • Optimization methods
  • Mission analysis
  • Scientific SW


A full publication list is available at my scopus profile.