Catarina Alves de Oliveira

Science Operations Development Manager for SMILE and Ariel missions / Previously: JWST Instrument Scientist


Main Research Fields

My research focuses on the formation of stars in our Galaxy. I combine several observational techniques across the spectrum to characterize both the stellar population and large-scale filamentary structure of nearby star forming regions. My findings aim at constraining star formation theories and understanding the evolution of young stars.


Star Formation

Young Stellar Objects

Brown Dwarfs

Initial Mass Function

Spectroscopy analysis and calibration techniques

Instrumentation for Astrophysics

Ongoing collaborations

Pierre Ferruit

Jeff Valenti

Richard Parker

Kevin Luhman

Pascal Tremblin

Estelle Moraux

Jerome Bouvier



ADS publication list

Project/mission at ESA

SMILE - Solar wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer

JWST - James Webb Space Telescope

Formerly an ESA Research Fellow for Herschel