Quentin Changeat

Research Fellow STScI (ESA)


Main Research Fields

- Characterization of exoplanets.
- Transit, Eclipse, Phase-curve, Imaging.
- Retrieval and Machine learning methods.
- Science.


Exoplanets, spectroscopy, transit, space telescopes, atmospheric retrievals.

Ongoing collaborations

University College London - Dept Physics and Astronomy: Honorary Research Fellow.

Simons Foundation - Flatiron Institute: Guest Researcher.

National Astronomical Observatory in Japan (NAOJ): Collaboration with Ikoma-sensei's group.

Centre Energie Atomique (CEA): Collaboration with Prof. Lagage's group.

Laboratoire Inter-universitaire des Systemes Atmospheriques (LISA): Collaboration with Dr. Venot's group.

Palermo Observatory: Collaboration with Prof. Micela's group.


Link to publication library: ADS link

Changeat, Edwards et al. (2022) - Five key exoplanet questions answered via the analysis of 25 hot Jupiter atmospheres in eclipse

Changeat (2022) - On spectroscopic phase-curve retrievals: H2 dissociation and thermal inversion in the atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-103 b

Changeat et al. (2021) - An exploration of model degeneracies with a unified phase curve retrieval analysis: The light and dark sides of WASP-43 b

Changeat & Edwards (2021) - The Hubble WFC3 Emission Spectrum of the Extremely-Hot Jupiter, KELT-9b

Changeat et al. (2020c) - KELT-11 b: Abundances of water and constraints on carbon-bearing molecules from the Hubble transmission spectrum

Changeat & Al-Refaie (2020) - TauREx3 PhaseCurve: A 1.5D model for phase curve description

Changeat et al. (2020b) - Alfnoor: A Retrieval Simulation of the Ariel Target List

Changeat et al. (2020a) - Impact of planetary mass uncertainties on exoplanet atmospheric retrievals

Changeat et al. (2019) - Towards a more complex description of chemical profiles in exoplanets retrievals: A 2-layer parameterisation

Project/mission at ESA

ESA-Ariel working group lead (Spectral Retrieval).


Academic Websitequentchangeat.github.io