Gaitee Hussain

Head of Science Division


Main Research Fields

My main research interests are focused on probing the role that stellar activity plays in the evolution of stars and in shaping their immediate surroundings. As stars form they interact with large circumstellar discs, setting the conditions in which fledgling planetary systems are born. Much older billion-year-old sun-like stars also display activity and variability at all wavelengths, shaping the environments in which planets are embedded; this activity also limits our ability to detect those same planets. I develop techniques to probe stellar activity and variability, model Space Weather around these stars, and to robustly detect exoplanets around young and very active stars.

For more information see and my publications.


  • Star formation & evolution
  • Solar and stellar activity
  • Space Weather modelling
  • Time variability analyses
  • Radial velocity exoplanet searches
  • X-rays
  • Stellar spectroscopy & spectropolarimetry

Ongoing collaborations

  • UV & multi-wavelength spectroscopy of young accreting stars:
    Carlo Manara (ESO-DE), Agnes Kospal, Evelyne Alecian, Jerome Bouvier (IPAG-FR), Silvia Alencar (UFMG-BR)
  • Mapping surfaces of solar-type stars:
    Jean-Francois Donati, Pascal Petit (IRAP-FR), Julien Morin (Montpellier-FR), Sheng-Hong Gu (YNAO-CN)
  • Solar and stellar Activity Cycles:
    Lisa Lehmann, Pascal Petit (IRAP-FR), Julian Alvarado Gomez, Eliana Gomez (AIP-DE), Beate Stelzer (Tübingen-DE)
  • Space Weather modelling of exoplanet hosts:
    Julian Alvarado Gomez (AIP-DE), Ofer Cohen, Jeremy Drake (CfA-USA), Moira Jardine (St Andrews-UK)