Victoria Grinberg

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My main research interest are accretion and ejection processes in galactic binary systems with ultracompact objects—black holes and neutron stars—and their giant siblings, the AGN. I bring together different analysis techniques (especially spectral and timing domains and recently also polarization), different energy ranges and different mass scales with the goal is to understand the origin of (X-ray) emission and decipher the  accretion geometry in the extreme relativistic regime close to black holes. 
My second focus are winds in massive stars: I use X-rays emitted in the vicinity of the compact objects in X-ray binaries to probe the clumpy winds of O/B type companion stars. I study the structure and the composition of the winds with the goal to understand mass loss and thus also feedback from (super)giant stars.
I deeply believe that we can only be sure that our observational results are sounds if we fully understand the idiosyncrasies of a given instrument - and only then can we push the boundaries of the science that can be done with high energy telescopes. I thus have repeatedly sought out to contribute to instrumental work, both working on calibration of existing missions and contributing to the science cases of missions in development.


  • X-ray binaries
  • accretion
  • ejection
  • jets
  • black holes
  • spectro-timing analysis
  • gamma-ray polarization
  • X-ray polarization
  • massive star winds
  • clumpy winds 
  • HMXBs
  • X-ray instrument calibration

Ongoing collaborations

Collaboration membership:
  • NuSTAR team (galactic binaries working group)
  • eROSITA working group
  • Athena team, science working group 3.3 ("End points of stellar evolution")
  • XIPE working group (microquasar, X-ray binaries and QPO, and AGN groups)
Main individual collaborators:
  • Dr. F. Fürst, ESA/ESAC, Spain
  • Dr. M. Guainazzi, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands
  • Dr. J. Garcia, Caltech, USA
  • Dr. N. Hell, LLNL, USA
  • Dr. D. Huppenkothen, NYU, USA
  • Dr. M. Leutenegger, NASA-GSFC, USA
  • Prof. Dr. S. Markoff, UVA, The Netherlands
  • Dr. M. Nowak, MIT, USA
  • Dr. K. Pottschmidt, CRESST/NASA-GSCF & UMBC, USA
  • Dr. J. Rodriguez, CEA, France
  • Dr. P. Uttley, UVA, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Dr. J. Wilms, Remeis & ECAP, Germany


Publications on ADS