Jos de Bruijne



Main Research Fields

I am interested in dynamical modelling of galaxies, in young stellar groups (dynamics, structure, radial velocities, astrometry, runaway stars), in (the prospects of) astrometry from space, and in high-time-resolution energy-resolved photon-counting observations in the optical using Superconducting Tunnel Junction (STJ) detectors.


  • Dynamical modelling of galaxies
  • Hyades, OB associations, Gould Belt, runaway OB stars
  • Hipparcos, Gaia, space astrometry
  • High-time-resolution energy-resolved photon-counting optical astronomy



Project/mission at ESA

Mostly Gaia but slowly getting involved in Athena.

The Gaia team at ESTEC is happy to support research fellows working on Gaia topics beyond our personal scientific expertise.