Sebastien Vincent-Bonnieu

Discipline lead for Physical Sciences in HRE


Main Research Fields

Key words: Soft Matter and biophysics, multiphase flow , Physical sciences in microgravity, flow in porous media, combustion 

Ongoing collaborations

University Libre de Bruxelles - In Space demonstration of 3D bio-printed vascularisation techniques | Activities Portal (

Universite Gustave Eiffel - Foamed construction material for Space base | Activities Portal (

Politecnico di Torino 

Delft University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology

University of Strathclyde Vibrations as a novel tool for particle self-assembly and regolith vibro-fluidization in space environments | Activities Portal (

University of Thessaloniki Novel approach to air dehumidification processes for space exploration | Activities Portal (

ISAE - Sup Aero Toulouse M2CRYO: Multi-scale Micro-gravity numerical simulations of phase change in CRYOgenic fluids | Activities Portal (
Modelling and Control of Sloshing Phenomena for new Generation Space Missions | Activities Portal (

ESPCI Paris - Acoustic Levitation for LIfe Support Systems (ALLISS) | Activities Portal (

DLR- BioProtect - Bioinspired Shielding Material for Radiation Protection Purposes | Activities Portal (

University Naples - Superfood for space: New method and system for automated cultivation of Wolffia globosa in human spaceflight | Activities Portal (

University Bremen - Synthesis of nanocatalysts for solar energy conversion in reduced gravitational environments | Activities Portal (



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ORCID: Sebastien Vincent-Bonnieu (0000-0002-9397-5434) - ORCID

NASA/ADS : author:"Vincent-Bonnieu, Sebastien" - NASA/ADS (

Project/mission at ESA

Soft matter:

  • FASTER - elasticity of oil/water interface [completed]
  • FASES - emulsion stability [completed]
  • SMD-PASTA - emulsion stability  [ongoing]
  • SMD-FOAM - foams stability and coarsening processes [ongoing] 
  • Drop Coalescence - collision of droplets and coalescence phenomena [ongoing] 


Granular Matter: 

  • Space Grains -VIPGRAN study the dynamics of particles , clustering, thermal fluctuations, convection in microgravity. [ongoing]


Heat and mass transfer :


Other topics:

  • Fire safety : flamme propagation in reduced gravity [ongoing]
  • Euro Material Ageing : studying the aging of material in Low Earth Orbit environment [ongoing]
  • PERWAVES - combustion of metallic particles [ongoing]
  • EUSO - high energy cosmic [ongoing]


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