Matteo Guainazzi



Main Research Fields

My main research interests focus on high-energy observations of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). I have recently used X-ray observations of nearby AGNt galaxies to study: a) the ionization mechanism of the Narrow Line Regions; b) the evolution of the AGN activity and environment in the late stages of gelaxy mergers, using data of X-ray observatories (primarily XMM-Newton). Bright times are coming for AGN science, with the unprecedented spectroscopic capabilities of the micro-calorimeters on board XRISM and Athena to become operational during the next decade. I am involved in the preparation of future missions as Project Scientist of the ESA contribution to XRISM, and Study Scientist for NewAthena.


  • Active Galactic Nuclei (Seyfert Galaxies)
    • AGN outflows and feedback
    • Narrow Line Regions
    • Radio Galaxies
  • Late stages of galaxy merging and evolution

Ongoing collaborations

  • GSFC (Sibasish Laha)
  • IASP/INAF (Alessandra de Rosa)
  • Osservatorio Astronomico di Monteporzio (Enrico Piconcelli)
  • Universita' degli Studi "Roma Tre" (Stefano Bianchi)
  • Universita' de La Plata (Victoria Reynaldi)
  • UNAM (Anna Lia Longinotti)


Publication list.

Project/mission at ESA

NewAthena, XRISM.

Images from recent selected papers:


Correlation between the hard X-ray and the OVII(f) luminosity in a sample of nearby obscured AGN. Figure extracted from Reynaldi, Guainazzi, et al., 2020, MNRAS, 499, 5107

Differential Emission Measure calculated from the RGS/XMM-Newton spectrum of the obscured AGN (Seyfert Galaxy) NGC1068 (black points) against the prediction of a universal Radiation Pressure Compression model (red band). Figure extracted from Bianchi, Guainazzi, et al., 2019, MNRAS, 485, 461.