Cian Crowley

Operations and Instrument Engineer/scientist for HE Space for ESA at ESAC


Main Research Fields

Payload and detector calibration, in particular CCDs, as well as the study of radiation effects on these detectors and the correlation with space weather. After more than 10 years working on Gaia I also have interest in astrometry and data analysis techniques, as well as a continuing (though recently not-active) interest in UV instrumentation and spectroscopy. 


  • Astronomical data Analysis and calibration
  • Payload and CCD detector Calibration
  • Optical Instrumentation
  • UV Instrumentation
  • Space Weather
  • Radiation effects on satellite comonents
  • Symbiotic Stars
  • Cool Stars and their winds
  • Astrometry
  • UV Spectroscopy

Ongoing collaborations

CEI at Open University.



Project/mission at ESA