Alvaro Labiano Ortega

Astronomer & Calibration scientist


Main Research Fields

My research focuses on the evolution of Active galaxies (AGN).  My main focus is on how the jets and outflows crossing the interstellar medium (ISM) may impact the star formation properties of the host galaxy. To tackle this, we use multiwavelength observations, from X-rays (with XMM and Chandra) to ALMA and VLBI radio data. Currently, through several Guaranteed and General observer programs, we are exploring in great detail the mid-infrared properties of active galaxies using JWST MIRI data. My main focus is on galaxies where the jets have not yet left the host, so the interactions are especially strong. We know of cases where these jets seem to compress the ISM and enhance star formation. However, lots of evidence suggests that outflows and jet-induced shocks heat up and reduce the amount of star-forming gas available in the galaxy, thus quenching the star formation. My main goal is trying to shed more light into this exciting dilemma that clearly affects the evolution of the host galaxy.


  • Active Galaxies/AGN.
  • Feedback.
  • Interstellar Medium.
  • Star formation.
  • Jets.
  • Radio sources.
  • Multiwavelength astronomy
  • Outreach.
  • Instrumentation.

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