Luca Conversi

Euclid Instrument Scientist


Main Research Fields

My research activity is mainly devoted to the study of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), its polarization and its foregrounds at sub-millimetre and far infrared wavelengths. What it is defined as foreground of the CMB (which might be the main research topic of many astronomers) conceals cosmological information on its own. I mostly investigate Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect, interstellar dust and cosmic infrared background.

I'm also interested in optical analysis and characterization of sub-millimetre experiments; however, most of my current work is dedicated to preparation of the ground segment for the Euclid mission as instrument scientist.


    •    Cosmic infrared background: anisotropies and polarization
    •    Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect & galaxy clusters
    •    Interstellar dust
    •    Cosmic infrared background
    •    Astronomical instrumentation: optical analysis and instrument calibration

Ongoing collaborations

    •    Herschel-Planck cross-calibration
    •    HerMES (Herschel Guarantee Time Key Program)
    •    Hi-GAL (Herschel Open Time Key Program)
    •    OLIMPO


Publications in ADS

Project/mission at ESA

EuclidHerschel, Planck

RF experience

Being an ESA research fellow at ESAC has been a good experience. Working in a friendly and international environment, side-by-side with other young researchers working on many different fields, and in a nice place with fine infrastructures, helps a lot to improve yourself, both on the working and "human" sides. You have a lot of freedom about what you want to do and to organize your work: however, the drawback is that you are almost left alone because your supervisor is too busy. You also have the chance to interface with a working environment which is different from the classical university/research institute one. Finally, I think it's a good opportunity for your career.