Gaia Data Release 1





      Released on 14 September 2016





Gaia Data Release 1 press conference

Gaia DR1 overview and the Future


Gaia DR1 info

Information on Gaia Data Release 1 contents, completeness and limitations.


Gaia DR1 papers

Titles and links to papers describing the data processing of Gaia Data Release 1.


Gaia DR1 data

Gaia Data Release 1 data is now available.

Gaia Data Credits

When using Gaia data, please acknowledge the work of the people involved and provide credits and necessary citations.


Gaia DR1 documentation

The full documentation for the first data release, both on webpages and with a downloadable PDF-file


Gaia DR1 Passbands

More information on the photometric system used for Gaia Data Release 1.

Learn ADQL

Gaia Data Release 1 is accessible through ADQL queries. You can use ADQL to extract the data and then download the resulting table.


Tutorials and Help

Help is available to guide you through the process of getting the data you need. Check out the tutorials as they are very instructive!


Contact the Gaia Helpdesk or start a discussion on the Gaia Community Forum.

Public outreach

An overview of news and stories on the Gaia Mission and Gaia science are given here.



The Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium is responsible for processing the Gaia data.


Scientific community

Home of the Gaia scientific community with information, news and resources on the Gaia mission.