Education Materials

Little Books of Gaia
The Little Books of Gaia are A4-page-size summaries of the Gaia mission for children and young adults which can be folded into little booklets. They are available in six different languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch).
Hipparcos Star Globe
The Hipparcos Star Globe depicts the celestial sphere that was astrometrically viewed as a whole for the first time by the Hipparcos satellite. Printed onto two sheets of A4 paper, the globe can be assembled to form a 3D star map. Images of the globe components, instructions for assembling the globe, and an accompanying booklet giving some background information on the Hipparcos mission are available.
Gaia Colour-Me
A colouring book image of the Gaia satellite for young children. Download the PDF here.
A colouring book image of the Gaia satellite, free to be used for educational purposes. The image was drawn by A. Titarenko. Download the PNG-file here.
Gaia Paper Model
Hobby model maker John Jogerst created two Gaia paper models, one in 1:50 and one in 1:100 scale. The models can be cut out and glued together. Download the PDF in English here. The models, with instructions, are also available in Spanish, German and French (translated by J.M. Carrasco, H. Voss and C. Turon). An image of the completed models is available here.
ESA Gaia Vodcast

In this vodcast Rebecca Barnes discovers the motions of the stars, learns how astronomers measure their distances and looks at Gaia, the European mission that will really get to grips with our place in the Universe.

For more information, and to view the vodcast, visit the ESA International Year of Astronomy website.