Science highlights of Gaia DR2


At the ESA Science & Technology webpages the Gaia DR2 science impact was summarised in the following stories:





Selection of stories related to Gaia Data Release 2


07/04/2021: 12 rare einstein crosses discovered with Gaia

15/10/2020: Star clusters are only the tip of the iceberg

04/09/2020: Discovery of a year long superoutburst in a white dwarf binary

22/07/2020: Gaia and the size of the Solar System

16/07/2020: Testing CDM and geometry-driven Milky Way rotation Curve Models

01/07/2020: Gaia revolutionises asteroid tracking

30/06/2020: Gaia's impact on Solar system science

25/05/2020: Galactic crash may have triggered Solar System formation

14/05/2020: Machine-learning techniques reveal hundreds of open clusters in Gaia data

20/03/2020: The chemical trace of Galactic stellar populations as seen by Gaia

02/03/2020: Milky Way's warp caused by Galactic collision, Gaia suggests

21/01/2020: Global Gaia campaign reveals secrets of stellar pair

09/01/2020: Discovery of a new star cluster: Price-Whelan1

08/01/2020: Largest ever seen gaseous structure in our Galaxy

20/12/2019: The lost stars of the Hyades

06/12/2019: Do we see a dark-matter like effect in globular clusters?

12/11/2019: Hypervelocity star ejected from a supermassive black hole

28/08/2019: Gaia untangles the starry strings of the Milky Way

25/07/2019: Astronomers spy Europa blocking a distant star - thanks to Gaia

16/07/2019: Gaia starts mapping our Galaxy's bar

24/05/2019: Evidence of new magnetic transitions in late-type stars

17/05/2019: Shedding light on white dwarfs - the future of stars like our Sun

03/05/2019: Atmospheric dynamics of AGB stars revealed by Gaia

02/05/2019: Observing Gaia from Earth to improve its star maps

29/04/2019: Gaia's first asteroid discoveries

25/04/2019: Geographic contributions to DPAC

22/04/2019: omega Centauri's lost stars

18/04/2019: 53rd ESLAB symposium "the Gaia universe"

07/03/2019: Hubble and Gaia accurately weigh the Milky Way

26/02/2019: Rethinking everything we thought we knew about star clusters

18/02/2019: A river of stars

07/02/2019: Gaia clocks new speeds for Milky Way-Andromeda collision

04/02/2019: Video featuring: "Science at ESA"

09/01/2019: Gaia reveals how Sun-like stars turn solid after their demise

26/11/2018: New Very Low Mass dwarfs in Gaia data

19/11/2018: Hypervelocity White Dwarfs in Gaia data

15/11/2018: Hunting evolved carbon stars with Gaia RP spectra

13/11/2018: Gaia catches the movement of the tiny galaxies surrounding the Milky Way

06/11/2018: Secrets of the ‘Wild Duck’ cluster revealed

31/10/2018: Galactic hosts: Gaia uncovers major event in the formation of the Milky Way

02/10/2018: Gaia spots stars flying between galaxies

30/09/2018: A new panoramic sky map of the Milky Way’s Stellar Streams

25/09/2018: Gaia finds candidates for interstellar ‘Oumuamua’s home

25/09/2018: Plausible home stars for interstellar object 'Oumuamua

19/09/2018: Gaia hints at our Galaxy’s turbulent life

11/09/2018: Impressions from the IAU General Assembly

31/08/2018: Flying through asteroids in VR

20/08/2018: Infant exoplanet weighed by Hipparcos and Gaia

20/08/2018: Star density map

30/06/2018: Asteroids in Gaia Data

14/06/2018: Mapping and visualising Gaia DR2

18/05/2018: ESA Euronews: Gaia’s revolution in astronomy

14/05/2018: Gaia’s stellar family portrait

25/04/2018: Gaia Data Release 2 Virtual Reality resources

25/04/2018: In-depth stories on Gaia DR2

25/04/2018: Zooming into regions on the sky

25/04/2018: Gaia's view on the Magellanic Clouds

25/04/2018: Gaia's Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams

25/04/2018: Gaia creates richest map of our Galaxy and beyond

25/04/2018: Press conference of Gaia Data Release 2

05/04/2018: Waiting for Gaia's second data release

16/03/2018: Gaia DR2 Passbands

27/02/2018: Triton observation campaign

18/12/2017: Gaia sky scan

29/11/2017: Selected asteroids detected by Gaia between August 2014 and May 2016

05/10/2017: Updated prediction to the Triton occultation campaign

03/10/2017: Occultation of a star by Triton

03/10/2017: Ground trace of Triton occultation

16/08/2017: Preliminary view of the Gaia sky in colour

07/07/2017: Chariklo stellar occultation follow-up

31/01/2017: Successful second DPAC Consortium Meeting