Known issues with the Gaia FPR data


This page lists any issues found in Gaia's Focused Product Release which could not be incorporated into the official data release, or which were discovered after the release of the data and publication of the release documentation. The Gaia FPR contents page contains a summary of the data products part of the Gaia Focused Product Release. Further information can be found from the data release documentation, as well as from the FPR processing papers.

In case you find an issue with the data yourself, please contact the Gaia Helpdesk to let us know.


SSO: Small correction needed to state vector of Solar System Objects

This issue, discovered too late to apply a correction in the published tables, concerns the state vector (both position and velocity) of asteroids.

Observations are timed in TCB and the equations of motions must be consistent with this timescale, more specifically the solar gravitational constant must be TCB compatible. Unfortunately, a small inconsistency has remained in the processing software between the TCB and our usage of an outdated Solar System GM. This is equivalent to a unit of length not strictly equal to the IAU astronomical unit. 

The correction to apply is simple, and is described in the paper: "Gaia Focused Product Release: Asteroid orbital solution" by Gaia Collaboration, P. David , et al.



SSO: Error in the description field of epoch_state_vector of gaiafpr.sso_source

13 October 2023

In the description of the field epoch_state_vector of the sso_source table, the origin of the epoch is wrongly given as JD2457907.5 TCB. The correct value is JD2455197.5 TCB (1 January 2010.0).

This will be corrected in the future in our data model and documentation. Once corrected there, we will update this known issue accordingly