To help out questions on the Gaia mission, the Gaia data, science done with Gaia data or the resources available on Gaia, several information pages are available:

  • Frequently Asked Questions can help with the most common questions asked about the Gaia mission and the data processing.
  • For more specific targeted questions on data access, you are referred to our Frequently Asked Questions on Data Access.
  • A dedicated help page on the Gaia Archive contains many tutorials and information on how to access the Gaia Archive and how to perform queries. Especially the white dwarfs exploration tutorial is a good tutorial to get started.
  • When having questions on specific data releases, please have a look at the data release overview pages (for Gaia DR1 and for Gaia DR2) or at the pages describing the content of the releases (for Gaia DR1 and for Gaia DR2). To some of your questions, answers might be available at the known issues pages for each data release (for Gaia DR2).
  • Several links are available to lead you to other Gaia related websites with extra information on Gaia.

Should you have any question remaining about Gaia or experience problems with the website, please contact the Gaia Helpdesk.