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15/09/2020 Gaia EDR3 draft data model available now

To allow the scientific community to prepare for the release of Gaia EDR3, a draft version of the Gaia Early Data Release 3 data model has been made available. Gaia EDR3 is planned to be released on 3 December 2020.


14/09/2020 Happy Gaia DR1 day

Four years ago, Gaia released its first catalogue of stars: Gaia Data Release 1.


08/09/2020 Gaia newsletter issue 12 is out now

Find the 12th issue of the Gaia newsletter here.


07/09/2020 Gaia EDR3 release date fixed

​​​​​​​We have fixed the Gaia EDR3 release date to 3 December 2020 (at 12:00 CET). All data has been produced and the validation is currently underway. The contents of Gaia EDR3 can be found from this page and an overview page will provide further details of the release as it becomes available. Although the pandemic continues to complicate and slow down the progress toward Gaia DR3, the release is expected to take place during the first half of 2022. An overview of the contents of Gaia DR3 can be found from the data release scenario page.


19/08/2020 Podcast with Anthony Brown

Find here a podcast interview with our Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium chair: Anthony Brown.


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