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5 - 9 July 2021
Cool Stars 21
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5 - 7 October 2021
Star Clusters: the Gaia revolution
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19/07/2021 Gaia symposium at the EAS meeting

At the EAS meeting in June an extensive preview of Gaia Data Release 3 was given at the Gaia symposium. Slides of the presentations given at this symposium can be found here.


12/07/2021 Star Clusters: the Gaia Revolution

On 5-7 October 2021, the EU Cost Action MW-Gaia will organise the online workshop: "Star Clusters: the Gaia revolution". The joint WG1/WG2 workshop will cover various topics such as stellar association, open clusters in the Milky Way disc, globular clusters and streams in the halo, as well as synergies between Gaia and other missions and observational campaign. Registration and abstract submission are open now. More information on this workshop can be found from the conference website.


28/06/2021 Gaia collection at the ESA space on demand shop

From today a collection inspired on Gaia can be found from the ESA space on demand shop. As the Gaia Symposium kicks off at the virtual EAS 2021 meeting, all stargazers are invited to check out the stellar designs inspired by Gaia data. There is a shop-wide 15% discount until 30 June!


28/06/2021 European Astronomical Society's annual meeting kicks off

Today the EAS annual meeting kicks off. When interested in science with Gaia Early Data Release 3 and a look ahead towards Gaia's full Data Release 3, check out Symposium 15.


15/06/2021 Gaia EDR3 extinction law

A set of coefficients which allow the computation of the Gaia EDR3 extinction law is provided here along with information on the computation.


11/06/2021 Gaia EDR3 known issue on G-band corrections

A new known issue with a clarification on the G-band corrections for Gaia Early Data Release 3 has been published today. A corrigendum to the Gaia EDR3 main release paper can be found from the Gaia EDR3 papers page as well.


08/06/2021 Postdoctoral position at the Astrophysical Observatory of Turin

A 2 + 1 year postdoc at the Astrophysical Observatory of Turin is available for someone interested to become part of the GaiaUnlimited project, a project which aims to develop the Gaia survey selection function. More information can be found here.


10/03/2021 Gaia EDR3 crossmatch tables released

The remaining crossmatch tables: GSC 2.3, APASS dr9, RAVE dr5, 2MASS PSC XSC, and allWISE are now all available from the Gaia Archive. They are also available from the bulk download section. The data release documentation has been updated accordingly. Make sure to get the most up to date version from our documentation pages.


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