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14/11/2019 Gaia Archive upgraded to new version

Today, the Gaia Archive will be unavailable from 10:00 to 14:00 CET for the release of a new version of the Archive software (version 2.7). Please be aware that access methods to epoch photometry will be upgraded with minor changes in the output format and updates in access scripts might be needed. The help pages will be updated accordingly.

29/10/2019 Vacancy for a Gaia DPAC software developer in Cambridge, UK

The Gaia team at the Institute of Astronomy (Cambridge, UK) has an opening for a software developer. This team is involved in the data processing of photometric and low-resolution spectroscopy data from the Gaia space telescope, and is responsible of the Institute of Astronomy Data Processing Center.

More information on this vacancy can be found here.

24/10/2019 Gaia astronomical revolution

The Gaia Data Release 2 catalogues has been used extensively by astronomers across the world. About 3 to 4 papers appear per day based on the Gaia DR2 catalogue, touching many different topics.

26/09/2019 Update to the Gaia data release scenario

Data processing toward Gaia (E)DR3 continues to progress within the announced schedule. However, to ensure sufficient quality of the quasars and extended objects results, an additional processing run has to be scheduled moving their outcome from Gaia EDR3 to Gaia DR3. Another modification concerns a new data product. A pencil beam survey with (integrated) epoch photometry of all sources (variable and non-variable) will be added to Gaia DR3. The selected field is centred on the Andromeda Galaxy. The cone with 5.5 degree radius contains in total about 1 million sources both in M31 and the Milky Way. In order not to impact the release schedule, only a limited amount of explicit validation will be done on the pencil beam epoch photometry.

28/08/2019 Gaia untangles the starry strings of the Milky Way

A new story was published today discussing science findings from Gaia's second data release: "Gaia untangles the starry strings of the Milky Way".

22/08/2019  Gaia DR2 known issue

An update to the Gaia DR2 known issues page became available today, discussing systematic effects in the Gaia DR2 parallaxes for very bright stars.

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