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03/02/2017 Gaia DR2 Schedule

The schedule leading up to Gaia DR2 (Data Release 2) has recently been revisited by the DPAC project office, together with ESA. Some necessary changes in the data processing, together with an improved data processing flow, have led to a revised schedule which is believed to be firm as it is based on true performance testing and availability analysis of hardware and people. The new release date will be April 2018. Further details are available here.

25/01/2017 Vacancy: Post-doctoral fellowship at IMCCE/Paris Observatory

A postdoc position "Gaia astrometry and physical properties of asteroids" is available at the IMCCE/Paris Observatory related to the scientific exploitation and validation of Gaia data on asteroids. This fellowship is intended for a period of 18 months, with a possible extension depending on funding and performance. The application deadline is 1 March 2017 with a start date before 1 June 2017. The position will remain open until fulfilled. More information can be found here.

24/01/2017 Gaia’s contribution to asteroid science

Just now ESA Science&Technology published an article on the contribution Gaia has on asteroid science. Tests of the software to detect asteroids in the Gaia data were successful. A Gaia Follow-Up Network for Solar System Objects is in place in case a suspected asteroid is spotted. More information on the Solar System Alerts can be found here.

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