Gaia involvement at ESA


ESA/ESTEC - Mission Manager
Uwe Lammers Mission Manager



ESA/ESTEC - Science Support
Johannes Sahlmann Project Scientist
Jos de Bruijne Archive Scientist & Deputy Project Scientist
Timo Prusti Project Scientist
Tineke Roegiers Information Coordinator (SCO-1 Science Support mission point of contact)



ESA/ESAC - Science Ground Segment / Gaia Science Operations
Asier Abreu Science Operations
Jorgo Bakker Science Operations, CU9 technical lead
David Cabezas Science Operations (Daily pipeline)
Hector Canovas Archive Support Scientist (SCO-9 Scientific support to Archives mission point of contact)
Neil Cheek Science Operations (SCO-2 Payload and SOC Ground Operations mission point of contact)
Cian Crowley Calibration / Radiation-damage Analyst
Alfonso de Torres Science Operations (AGIS)
Arancha Delgado Science Operations (AGIS)
Elias Enrique Science Operations
Alejandro Fernandez Science Operations (Daily pipeline)
Emilio Fraile Science Operations and Testing
Pedro Garcia-Lario Science Operations (DPAC support)
Nora Garralda Science Operations (IDT & Calibration)
Panagiotis Gavras Science Operations (DPAC support)
Gonzalo Gracia-Abril Gaia DPAC Project Office Coordinator
Rocio Guerra Gaia Science Operations Team Leader
Raúl Gutiérrez Science Operations (AGIS)
Jose Hernandez Operational Data & Calibration Engineer
Alexander Hutton Java Developer
Uwe Lammers Gaia Science Operations Manager
José Lopez Miralles Science Operations
Alejandro Lorca Science Operations (DPAC support)
Jaime Martin Science Operataions (Daily Pipeline)
Juanma Martin-Fleitas Calibration Engineer
Angel Montero Science Operations (Daily Pipeline)
Alcione Mora Science Operations (DPCE) and Optical Engineer
Maria Del Mar Nunez Campos Configuration Management
Mercedes Ramos-Lerate Test Engineer
David Teyssier Science Operations (DPAC support) and Project Office support (SCO-4 Science Data Processing mission point of contact)
Enrique Utrilla Molina Science Operations
Ivan Valtchanov Science Operations (AGIS)



ESA/ESAC - PA support
Virginia Carcelen PA support to SCO-1/2/4/9
Jose Marcos backup PA support to SCO-1/2/4/9
Marián Cuevas PA support to SCO-8
Fernando Guerrero PA support to SCO-8
Luis Martin Polo PA support to SCO-10



ESA/ESAC - Science Data Center  / Gaia Archive
Pilar de Teodoro Gaia Archive Team lead (SCO-8 mission point of contact)
Jorge Fernandez Hernandez Gaia Archive Team deputy lead
Carlos Ríos Gaia Archive Team
Sara Nieto Gaia Archive Team



ESA/ESOC - Operations
Peter Collins Spacecraft Operations Manager
  Flight Control Team
Steve Foley Spacecraft Operations Engineer
Julia Fortuno-Benavent Spacecraft Operations Engineer
Lorenzo Gagliardini Spacecraft Operations Engineer
Maricruz Garcia Gonzalez Spacecraft Operations Engineer
Marius Baab Analyst
Jonas Marie Spacecraft Operations Engineer
Ed Serpell Spacecraft Operations Engineer
  Flight Dynamics and mission analysis
Maria de los Angeles Espina Flight Dynamics Manager
Ander Martinez De Albeniz Flight Dynamics Engineer
Florian Renk Mission Analysis
  Spacecraft Controllers (shared Gaia / XMM / Integral)
Ian Benson Spacon
Nebil Cinar Spacon
Mark Drapes Spacon
Mithrajith Edirimanne Spacon
Elliot Coe Spacon
Alexander Lehanka Spacon
James Madison Spacon
Tim Robertson Spacon
  Ground segment
Jana Mulacova ICT
Justin Howard Ground (Stations) Operations Engineer
Arek Kowalczyk Mission Data System Manager (MCS)
Andreas Rudolph Ground Segment Manager / Flight Operations Manager
Martin Unal Ground (Stations) Operations Manager
Thierry Bernardi Product Assurance
Daniel Werner Mission Data Systems Manager (SIM)



ESA/ESTEC - Project Team (till IOCR)
Alessandro Atzei Systems Engineer
Liesse Ayache Electrical & Functional AIT Engineer
David Monteiro Product Assurance & Safety Manager
Manuela Baroni Project Controller & Administration Manager
Matthias Erdmann Payload System Engineer
Daniel Escolar Mechanical & Thermal AIV Engineer
Robert Furnell System & Mission Operations Manager
Philippe Garé Payload Module & Science Operation Manager
Frank Geerling System Engineer (support)
Bénédicte Girouart AOCS Systems Engineer (support)
Roy Gouka Schedule Officer
Helma van de Kamp Project Secretary & Documentalist
Torgeir Paulsen Payload System Engineer
Joseph Pereira AIT System Engineer
Giuseppe Sarri Project Manager
Ared Schnorhk AIV and Launcher Manager
Sam Verstaen Electrical Systems Engineer