Gaia (E)DR3 auxiliary data


Gaia CRF3 cross match table

A downloadable table providing the location of each of the Gaia CRF3 sources that define the Gaia Celestial Reference Frame.


Gaia EDR3 extinction law

A set of coefficients which allow the computation of the Gaia (E)DR3 extinction law is provided here along with information on the computation.


The photometric system of Gaia applicable to Gaia (E)DR3

Gaia EDR3 passbands


Scanning law

Gaia scanning law pointings for the time period of Gaia (E)DR3 are available from the Gaia Archive.


Overview of gaps in Gaia (E)DR3 data

A description and overview of gaps in the data stream that underlies the Gaia data products is given here.