Data Processing and Analysis Consortium Executive (DPACE)


The Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium Executive (DPACE) was established in June 2006. One of the main responsibilities of DPACE is to oversee the DPAC activities in consultation with the Coordination Unit and Data Processing Centre leaders (see the DPAC response to the ESA AO for more information about the role and terms of reference of DPACE). The Chair and Deputy Chair were nominated by the DACC (the transient committee set up by the Gaia Science Team to propose a structure for the Consortium) and subsequently confirmed by the DPAC membership (comprising members of all Coordination Units). Both of these positions are for a three year renewable term. The managers of each of the Coordination Units are members of the executive, as is a representative of the CNES Data Processing Centre. The Gaia Project Scientist has the status of observer on the DPACE and the Project Coordinator has a standing invitation to meetings of the DPACE. The current composition of DPACE is as follows:


Members of the Gaia DPACE
Anthony Brown Chair
Antonella Vallenari Deputy chair
Alexander Hutton Manager CU1 (System Architecture)
Carine Babusiaux Manager CU2 (Data Simulations)
Michael Biermann Manager CU3 (Core Processing)
Dimitri Pourbaix Manager CU4 (Object Processing)
Dafydd Wyn Evans Manager CU5 (Photometric Processing)
Paola Sartoretti Manager CU6 (Spectroscopic Processing)
Laurent Eyer Manager CU7 (Variability Analysis)
Orlagh Creevey Manager CU8 (Astrophysical Parameters)
Xavier Luri Manager CU9 (Catalogue Access)
Chantal Panem   CNES Data Processing Centre representative


DPAC Executive meeting 18 in Heidelberg (Haus der Astronomie)

image: courtesy of William O'Mullane


More information about the Data Analysis Coordination Committee (DACC) which led the formation of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium is available here.