Public Documents


Gaia Mission documents

Some general Gaia Mission documents are available for further reading here:

Gaia Mission Requirements Document (also referred to as Gaia MRD)

Gaia Science Implementation Requirements Document (also referred to as Gaia SIRD)


Public DPAC Documents

These are documents of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) which are made available to the public.

Please be aware that these documents were written for internal use within Gaia and DPAC, and are therefore not targeting a broader audience. They may contain specific jargon or references to internal documents.

Making these documents public was mainly driven by DPAC articles published in refereed journals explaining the Gaia data processing and Gaia data products. They are intended on giving some more context and insight specifically needed for understanding the published articles.


Information on usage of these documents:

- Click on the document code to open the file

- An abstract and BibTeX entry can be found under "Details"