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Gaia Mission Requirements Document (also referred to as Gaia MRD)

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Public DPAC Documents

These are documents of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) which are made available to the public.

Please be aware that these documents were written for internal use within Gaia and DPAC, and are therefore not targeting a broader audience. They may contain specific jargon or references to internal documents.

Making these documents public was mainly driven by DPAC articles published in refereed journals explaining the Gaia data processing and Gaia data products. They are intended on giving some more context and insight specifically needed for understanding the published articles.


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Title Author Document code Details
Instrument Familiarization Plan for ground based observations of SPSS. I. CCD Shutter Characterization and Linearity Evaluation Altavilla, G., Pancino, E., Marinoni, S., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-GA-004
Instrument Familiarization Plan for ground based observations of SPSS. III. Second Order Contamination and Polarization Effects Altavilla, G., Ragaini, S., Pancino, E., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-GA-005
Assessment of the influence of sources of error on the total error budget of GBOT observations Altmann, M., Bouquillon, S., Taris, F. et al. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-MA-009
Documentation of the Gaia Ecliptic Pole Catalogue (GEPC) Altmann, M. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-MA-015
Report on GBOT's activities during OR3 - Procedural course of events and an analysis of the obtained dataset Altmann, M., Bouquillon, S., Taris, F. et al. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-MA-013-1

The simulated multiple stars

Arenou, F.


Combining probabilities

Bailer-Jones, C.A.L., Smith, K. GAIA-C8-TN-MPIA-CBJ-053
A procedure to calibrate algorithms for estimating parameters from spectra Bailer-Jones, C.A.L. GAIA-C8-TN-MPIA-CBJ-044
Source Identifiers - Assignment and Usage throughout DPAC Bastian, U. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-BAS-020
The maximum reachable astrometric precision: The Cramer-Rao limit Bastian, U. 2004BASNOCODE
Description of the Ring Solution Bernstein, H., Hirte, S., Bastian, U. GAIA-ARI-BST-001
Helmert blocking algebra in ODAS Bombrun, A. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-APB-002
Sparseness structure of the Gaia least-square problem and the (non-)feasibility of a direct method Bombrun, A. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-APB-001
Gaia data access scenarios summary Brown, A., Arenou, F., Hambly, N., et al. GAIA-C9-TN-LEI-AB-026
Space-Time Structure Explorer: Sub-microarcsecond astrometry for the 2030s Brown, A. GAIA-CG-TN-LEI-AB-039
Relativistic time dilation at L2 de Bruijne, Jos GAIA-JDB-003
Gaia astrometric, photometric, and radial-velocity performance assessment methodologies to be used by the industrial system-level teams de Bruijne, Jos, Perryman, M., Lindegren, L., et al. GAIA-JDB-022
Chromaticity in Gaia-3 de Bruijne, Jos, Lindegren, L., Svensson, O. et al. GAIA-CA-TN-ESA-JDB-028
Comparison of two Gaia sphere solutions using orthonormal bases on the sphere Bucciarelli, B., Abbas, U., Vecchiato, A. GAIA-C3-TN-INAF-BB-002
Revolving phase effect to FoV overlapping and its application to primary SPSS Carrasco, J.M., Jordi, C., Lopez-Marti, B., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-UB-JMC-002
Data Reduction Protocol for Ground Based Observation of Spectrophotometric Standard Stars. II. Spectroscopy Pre-reduction up to extraction and wavelength calibration Cocozza, G., Altavilla, G., Carrasco, J.M., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-GCC-001
Proposal for the object numbering scheme De Angeli, F., van Leeuwen, F., Hoar, J., et al. GAIA-C1-MN-IOA-FDA-002
Implementation of variable stars in the Galactic Model Eyer, L., Robin, A., Evans, D.W., et al. VSWG-LE-002
Calibration of the General Stellar Parametrizer algorithms using ground-based observations Heiter, U., Soubiran, C., Korn, A. GAIA-C8-TN-UAO-UH-001-1
Astrometry history: Roemer and Gaia Hoeg, E. GAIA-CZ-TN-NBI-EH-188
Astrometric planet detectability with Gaia, a short AGISLab study Holl, B. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-BH-003
ODAS: process description and collection of relevant mathematical algorithms Jordan, S., Bastian, U., Löffler, W. GAIA-C3-TN-ARI-SJ-009
Photometric relationships between Gaia photometry and existing photometric systems Jordi, C. GAIA-C5-TN-UB-CJ-041
Few Band Astrophysical Parameter Estimation - Priam (Photometric Estimation of Astrophysical Parameters) Kim, D.W. GAIA-C8-TN-MPIA-DWK-001
A general Maximum-Likelihood algorithm for model fitting to CCD sample data Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-078
A theoretical investigation of chromaticity Lindegren, L. GAIA-CA-TN-LU-LL-064
Attitude parameterization for Gaia Lindegren, L. SAG-LL-030
Centroid definition for the Astro Line Spread Function Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-068
Charge trapping effects in CCDs for Gaia astrometry Lindegren, L. SAG-LL-022
Minimum-dimension LSF modelling Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-084
A generic LSF/PSF model and its role in IDT, FL, IDU and AGIS Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-089
Normal places in least-squares problems, and their relation to the ring solution and ring-to-sphere solution Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-076
Representation of LSF and PSF for GDAAS-2 Lindegren, L. GAIA-LL-046
Scientific requirements for basic angle stability and monitoring Lindegren, L. GAIA-LL-057
Using the Conjugate Gradient method in AGIS Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-077
The performance of GSP-Phot with SVM and ILIUM Liu, C., Bailer-Jones, C.A.L. GAIA-C8-TN-MPIA-CHL-005
Delivering the promise of Gaia, response to ESA's Announcement of Opportunity for CU9 Luri, X., O'Mullane, W.J., Alves, J., et al. GAIA-C9-PL-UB-XL-033
Instrument Familiarization Plan for ground based observations of SPSS. II. Calibration Frames Study and Recommendations Marinoni, S., Galleti, S., Cocozza, G., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-SMR-002
Data Reduction Protocol for Ground Based Observations of SpectroPhotometric Standard Stars. I. Imaging Pre-reduction Marinoni, S., Pancino, E., Altavilla, G., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-SMR-001
DPAC Proposal for the Gaia Data Processing Mignard, F., Drimmel, R. GAIA-CD-SP-DPAC-FM-030
The Hundred Thousand Proper Motions Project Mignard, F. GAIA-C3-TN-OCA-FM-040
Besançon Galaxy Model Simulation for CU9-WP943 (BGMBTG 2.0) I. First steps comparing Tycho-2 and Model Mor, R., et al. GAIA-C9-TN-UB-RMC-001
Large Scientific Data Systems: analysis of some existing projects and their applicability to Gaia O'Mullane, W. GAIA-C1-TN-ESAC-WOM-003
OGA1 Process Description Padeletti, D., Bastian, U. GAIA-C3-TN-ZARM-DMP-001-04
Protocol for Ground Based Observations of SpectroPhotometric Standard Stars. I. Instrument Familiarization Tests Pancino, E., Altavilla G., Bellazzini, M., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-EP-001
Protocol for Ground Based Observations of SpectroPhotometric Standard Stars. II. Variability Searches and Absolute Photometry Campaigns Pancino, E., Altavilla, G., Carrasco, J.M. et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-EP-003
Protocol for Ground Based Observations of SpectroPhotometric Standard Stars. III. Main Spectrophotometric Campaign Pancino, E., Altavilla, G., Carrasco, J.M., et al. GAIA-C5-TN-OABO-EP-006
Gaia Intermediate Data Release Scenario Prusti, T. GAIA-CG-PL-ESA-TJP-011-01
Universe Model Interface Control Document Reylé, C., Robin, A., Arenou, F., et al. GAIA-C2-SP-LAOB-CR-001
Universe Model 13.0 Overview Robin, A., Reylé, C., Arenou, F., Babusiaux, C., Latorre i Musoll, A., Luri, X., Sartoretti, P., Tanga, P., Grux, E. GAIA-C2-TN-LAOB-AR-004-13  
A realistic QSO Catalogue for the Gaia Universe Slezak, E., Mignard, F. GAIA-C2-TN-OCA-ES-001
Ground Based Observations of Gaia: First tests using WMAP Smart, R.L., Andrei, A., Bouquillon, S., Taris, F. GAIA-C3-TN-OATO-RLS-002
The Initial Gaia Source List and the Attitude Star Catalog Smart, R.L. GAIA-C3-TN-OATO-RLS-004
Candidate Lensing Events for Gaia Smart, R.L., Smith, L., Vecchiato, A. GAIA-C3-TN-OATO-RLS-008
Discrete Source Classifier performance and status report Smith, K., Bailer-Jones, C.A.L., Tsalmantza, P. GAIA-C8-TN-MPIA-KS-019
Primary AP reference stars for the calibration of the General Stellar Parametrizer algorithms Soubiran, C., Heiter, U. GAIA-C8-TN-LAB-CS-008-1
Semi-empirical library of galaxy spectra from SDSS Tsalmantza, P., Kontizas, M., Bailer-Jones, C.A.L., et al. GAIA-C8-TN-UOA-PAT-003
Analysis of stellar parameter uncertainty estimates from bootstrapping neural networks Willemsen, P.G., Bailer-Jones, C.A.L., Kaempf, T.A. ICAP-PW-004
Statistical validation of Gaia Archive Antiche, E., Gutiérrez, R. GAIA-C9-TN-UB-ELA-017
Auxiliary data for CU6 - atmospheric parameters - version 2 Soubiran, C., Lecampion, J.F., Chemin, L. GAIA-C6-TN-LAB-CS-011-2
StarNormal synthetic spectra used by CU6 for Data Release 2 Blomme, R.,  Edvardsson, B., Eriksson, K., Frémat, Y., Korn, A., Sordo, R., Thévenin, F. GAIA-C6-TN-ROB-RHB-005-1
Catalog of secondary RV standards from the RAVE survey Zwitter, T., Žerjal, M., Matijevič, G. and the RAVE team GAIA-C6-TN-LU-TZ-005-1
Re-normalising the astrometric chi-square in Gaia DR2 Lindegren, L. GAIA-C3-TN-LU-LL-124-01