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This page contains links to press cuttings, online articles and videos from external news, astronomy or space science websites featuring Gaia. Proposals for other materials to be included can be sent to the Gaia helpdesk.

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31/07/2017 - [Harvard-Smitsonian Center for Astrophysics]
Astronomers Discover “Heavy Metal” Supernova Rocking Out

31/07/2017 - []
Gaia spacecraft catches super luminous supernova early in boost for astronomers

07/07/2017 - [Universe Today]
Gaia finds six stars zipping out of the Milky Way

26/06/2017 - [Leiden University]
Artificial brain helps Gaia satellite catch speeding stars

26/06/2017 - [ESA Science]
Artificial brain helps Gaia catch speeding stars

15/06/2017 - []
An Ambitious Spacecraft Is Set to Advance Humanity Further Than We Dreamed

09/06/2017 - [ESA Science]
The future of the Orion constellation

02/06/2017 - [Gaia in the UK]
UK Gaia Teams wins two Arthur C. Clarke Awards

20/04/2017 - [ESA Science]
Gaia’s snapshot of another galaxy

18/04/2017 - [University of Barcelona]
La misión Gaia y la historia de nuestra galaxia

12/04/2017 - [ESA Science]
Two million stars on the move

06/04/2017 - [Gaiaverse]
Gender on Gaia DPAC

24/01/2017 - [ESA Science]
Gaia turns its eyes to asteroid hunting

14/01/2017 - [Gaia in the UK]
Gaia featured on the Naked Scientists



14/12/2016 - [Nature]
Gaia charts one billion stars 

27/10/2016 - [ESA Science]
Gaia spies on two temporarily magnified stars 

28/09/2016 - [Cambridge TV]
Professor Gerry Gilmore - Gaia Satellite

26/09/2016 - [APOD]
Gaia: Here comes the Sun

23/09/2016 - [BBC]
Gaia clocks speedy cosmic expansion

22/09/2016 - [ESA Science]
From Hipparchus to Hipparcos: a signification of stellar catalogues

15/09/2016 - [Australian Geographic]
Gaia satellite to build the most detailed 3D map of the Milky Way ever made

15/09/2016 - []
Gaia space probe: European Space Agency satellite puts more than a billion stars on the map

14/09/2016 - [ESA Science]
Gaia's billion-star map hints at treasures to come

14/09/2016 - [Scientific American]
New Billion-Star Map Reveals Secrets of the Milky Way

14/09/2016 - [Sky & Telescope]
Gaia Mission Maps 1 Billion stars

14/09/2016 - [Nature News]
Detailed map shows Milky Way is bigger than we thought

14/09/2016 - [New Scientist]
Gaia’s map of 1 billion stars is the clearest view of our galaxy

14/09/2016 - [National Geographic]
New Milky Way Map Is a Spectacular Billion-Star Atlas

14/09/2016 - [The Guardian]
Astronomers unveil most detailed map of the Milky Way to date

14/09/2016 - []
Milky Way 3D map to be revealed by Gaia satellite 1,000 times more complete than previous models

14/09/2016 - [BBC]
Gaia space telescope plots a billion stars

14/09/2016 - [Washington Post]
Gaia space telescope reveals the most complete 3-D map of our galaxy ever

14/09/2016 - [Scientific American]
Upcoming Galaxy Map Could Radically Transform How We See the Milky Way

14/09/2016 - [CNES]
Le satellite Gaia livre la position d'un milliard d'étoiles

14/09/2016 - [Deutsche Welle]
Space Debut data from Europe's Gaia mission shows Milky Way bigger than we thought

14/09/2016 - [Le Monde]
Plus d’un milliard d’étoiles de la Voie lactée localisées

09/09/2016 - []
Milky Way mapper: 6 ways the Gaia spacecraft will change astronomy

18/07/2016 - []
Erste Wissenschaft mit Gaia-Daten

22/01/2016 - [New Scientist]
Galaxy-mapping Gaia space telescope gets an eye test from Pluto



19/12/2015 - []
Tchouri vue par Gaia

18/12/2015 - [Deutschlandfunk]
Zensus der Milchstraße

11/11/2015 - []
Sterren tellen in de Melkweg

21/11/2015 - [The Guardian]
Why mapping the galaxy will be child's play

01/11/2015 - [Sternstunde Online]
Sternstunde - Das Astronomiemagazin (Gaia at minute 20:50)

11/08/2015 - [Sterne und Weltraum]
Gaia funktioniert – ein erster Blick in die Daten

30/06/2015 - [El Pais]
Gaia alerta de asteroides desconocidos

21/01/2015 - [ScienceBlogs]
Der Fluch der Präzision: Die Raumsonde GAIA und die Mikrometeoroide

19/01/2015 - [Sterne und Weltraum]
Weiter Ärger mit den Plejaden



30/06/2014 - [El País blog]
Raising Gaia, Europe's Brainchild

18/06/2014 - [BBC]
Europe's Gaia telescope grapples with stray light

01/04/2014 - [morgenweb]
In zwei Stunden zur Milchstraße und zurück

28/03/2014 - [SudOuest]
Des collégiens, la tête dans les étoiles

23/02/2014 - [Guardian]
Exploring the galaxy: the bigger picture

18/02/2014 - [RBB]
Gaia - Kartierung der Milchstraße

17/02/2014 - [RTVE]
El satélite Gaia, ubicado a 1,5 millones de km de la Tierra, está vigilado por una red de telescopios

06/02/2014 - [BBC]
Gaia 'billion-star surveyor' returns test image

06/02/2014 - [Der Spiegel]
Galaktische 3-D-Karte: Weltraumteleskop "Gaia" schickt erstes Sternenfoto

05/02/2014 - [Airbus DS]
Gaia sur la bonne voie!

15/01/2014 - [WAZ]
Wie weit sind die Sterne weg?

14/01/2014 - [WAZ]
Bochumer Planetarium mit neuer Show

08/01/2014 - [BBC North West]
BBC report about Gaia tracking and the Liverpool Telescope (The Gaia item starts at 21 minutes into the programme)


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