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Gaia DR2 info

Information on Gaia Data Release 2 contents, completeness and limitations.


Gaia DR2 papers

Papers describing the Gaia data processing for Data Release 2 will become available on 25 April or soon thereafter. Titles of the papers are given here, and links to the papers will be added once known.


Gaia DR2 data

Gaia Data Release 2 data will be available on 25 April when the Gaia Archive comes back online. Exact timing of the release will be announced soon.

Gaia Data Credits

When using Gaia data, please acknowledge the work of the people involved and provide credits and necessary citations. A link will be given on 25 April when the Gaia Archive opens.


Draft Gaia DR2 Data model

The draft version of the Gaia Data Release 2 data model can be downloaded and used for your preparations.


Gaia DR2 Passbands

More information on the photometric system used for Gaia Data Release 2 can be found here.

Learn ADQL

Gaia Data Release 2 contains a lot of data. While downloading the data will be possible, you can also bring your code to the data and access the data in a smart way. You can use ADQL queries to extract the data and then download the resulting table.


Prepare for DR2

If you like to prepare for Gaia DR2, have a look at our tutorials and read the FAQ. From 25 April onwards you will be able to read the full documentation describing the processing and data products.


Contact the Gaia Helpdesk or start a discussion on the Gaia Community Forum.

Public outreach

An overview of news and stories on the Gaia Mission and Gaia science are given here. Stories and visuals on Gaia Data Release 2 will be published on 25 April.



The Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium is responsible for processing the Gaia data.


Scientific community

Home of the Gaia scientific community with information, news and resources on the Gaia mission. Updates are provided regularly towards data release 2.