Science highlights of Gaia EDR3


Credit: ESA/Gaia/DPAC, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO


Selection of stories related to Gaia's Early Data Release 3


26/09/2022: Gaia on the hunt for dual quasars and gravitational lenses

23/09/2022: Gaia's observation of relativistic deflection of light close to Jupiter

07/06/2022: Jupiter's moon Europa to obscure distant star

11/05/2022: Systemic proper motions of 73 galaxies in the Local group

17/02/2022: Gaia reveals a new member of the Milky Way family

12/01/2022: The Local Bubble - source of our nearby stars

05/01/2022: A Milky-Way relic of the formation of the Universe

22/12/2021: The 7 October 2021 stellar occultation by the Neptunian system

01/12/2021: Observation of a long-predicted new type of binary star

24/11/2021: Gaia reveals that most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space

24/09/2021: Astrometric microlensing effect in the Gaia16aye event

22/09/2021: the power of the third dimension - the discovery of a gigantic cavity in space

26/03/2021: Apophis' Yarkovsky acceleration improved through stellar occultation

03/12/2020: Gaia Early Data Release 3 - press releases

03/12/2020: Gaia Early Data Release 3 - release stories for the general public 

03/12/2020: Gaia Early Data Release 3 - release stories for the scientific community

29/10/2020: Gaia EDR3 passbands

09/10/2018: 3rd Gaia DPAC Consortium Meeting