Coordination Units

The Coordination Units are:

  • CU1 System architecture - A. Hutton (Manager), F. Riclet (Deputy-manager)
  • CU2 Data simulations - C. Babusiaux (Manager), E. Masana (Deputy-manager)
  • CU3 Core processing - M. Biermann (Manager), M. Lattanzi (Deputy-manager), C. Fabricius (Deputy-manager)
  • CU4 Object processing - F. Arenou (Manager Non-Single Stars), P. Tanga (Manager Solar System Objects), C. Ducourant (Manager Extended Objects), Laurent Galluccio (Deputy-Manager Extended Objects)
  • CU5 Photometric processing - D.W. Evans (Manager), Francesca De Angeli (Deputy-manager and Technical manager)
  • CU6 Spectroscopic reduction - P. Sartoretti (Manager), G. Seabroke (Deputy-manager), D. Katz (Deputy-manager), P. Panuzzo (Deputy-manager)
  • CU7 Variability processing - L. Eyer (Manager), D.W. Evans (Deputy-manager), M. Audard (Deputy-manager)
  • CU8 Astrophysical parameters - O. Creevey (Manager) with M. Fouesneau, Y. Fremat, F. Pailler, R. Sordo, R. Andrae in the management team.
  • CU9 Catalogue access - X. Luri (Manager), J. Bakker (Deputy-manager), C. Fabricius (Deputy-manager)