Summary: This document serves as a reference for the work package "Provide calibrations of training data" (GWP-S-811-20000) within the CU8 work package "Training data" (GWP-S-811). The purpose of that work package is to provide a basis for the calibration of the General Stellar Parametrizer algorithms (GSP-phot and GSP-spec). This document covers some aspects of the first three tasks of that work package. These are the first steps towards the two-fold aim of the calibrations work package: (1) establish an optimal list of reference stars that will be observed by Gaia to calibrate the GSP algorithms, (2) provide libraries of empirical spectra and related APs to improve synthetic spectra (training spectra). Some thoughts on the calibration procedures for the algorithms as well as the expected final accuracy of the AP determinations are included as well. A major part of this document is devoted to possible source catalogues for selection of AP reference stars. We focus on recent high-spectral-resolution surveys of bright field stars as well as faint open cluster stars. Globular clusters and large catalogues of calibrated spectrophotometric studies are briefly discussed as well.


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