Late identifications of previously unknown asteroids


The search for moving sources, during the preparation of the Gaia DR3 processing, identified 1320 sequences of transits (bundles) that were not matched to known asteroids. This process used an orbit catalogue of December 2017. By re-dunning the match on a more recent version (February 2022), 712 among those bundles can be associated to asteroids whose orbit has been made available in the meantime. Details can be found in Tanga et al. 2022 "Gaia DR3: the Solar System survey".

Provided in this table are: the sourceId associated to the bundle, as it appears in the sso_observation table; the Minor Planet Centre (MPC) denomination of the matching asteroid; mean UTC, number of observations and time span of the bundle; the mean position difference of the observations in the bundle with respect to the ephemeris of the matching object (in arcsec).  


Download the list of asteroids here (ADD FILE FOR DOWNLOAD)



Credit: ESA/Gaia/DPAC, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO. Acknowledgements: Th. Pauwels, F. Mignard, P. Tanga