The Gaia Data Analysis Coordination Committee (2005 - 2006)


The Gaia Data Analysis Coordination Committee (DACC) was established in April 2005 with the task of leading the formation of a Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) over the following 1–2 years. It reported to the Gaia Science Team, and was responsible for devising a consortium structure based on studies of the data analysis carried out since 2001, as well as for collecting the Letters of Intent to participate in the Gaia data processing submitted by the community to ESA in March 2005.

In June 2006 the DACC was dissolved by the Gaia Science Team, having successfully fulfilled its role; this marked the formal transition to the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC).


Former members of the Gaia DACC (2005-2006)
François Mignard (Chair) Nice, France
Coryn Bailer-Jones (Co-chair) Heidelberg, Germany
Ulrich Bastian Heidelberg, Germany
Anthony Brown Leiden, The Netherlands
Ronald Drimmel Torino, Italy
Laurent Eyer Geneva, Switzerland
Claude Huc CNES, France
Fred Jansen (Gaia Project Scientist - 2006) ESA-ESTEC
David Katz Meudon, France
Uwe Lammers ESA-ESAC
Floor van Leeuwen Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lennart Lindegren Lund, Sweden
Xavier Luri Barcelona, Spain
William O'Mullane ESA-ESAC
Michael Perryman (Gaia project scientist up to 2006) ESA-ESTEC
Dimitri Pourbaix Bruxelles, Belgium
Jordi Torra Barcelona, Spain