Wavelength sampling used for inferring astrophysical parameters in Gaia DR3


The astrophysical parameters in Gaia DR3 are produced by the Astrophysical Parameters Inference System (Apsis, Creevey et al. 2022). Many of the results from Apsis are based on the use of the BP and RP spectra (De Angeli, et al. 2022, Mongetgriffo et al. 2022). Within Apsis a fixed wavelength sampling of the BP and the RP spectra was used, and here this parameter file is provided to the user:


Download the file here


The wavelength sampling scheme is approximately equidistant in pixel sample space. Thus, due to the nonlinear dispersion relation, the width of the samples is varying in physical wavelength. The spectral resolution of this sampling scheme is slowly decreasing with increasing wavelength for both, BP and RP.



This product makes use of auxiliary data provided by ESA/Gaia/DPAC/CU8-CU5 for ESA/Gaia/DPAC/CU8 and has been prepared by Rene Andrae, Rosanna Sordo, Paolo Montegriffo.


​​​​​​Published: 13 June 2022