Gaia DR3 astrophysical parameter inference files


This page gives access to the full set of parameters that defines the BP/RP spectral simulations of stellar sources. These simulations were made for the development of some of the modules in the Astrophysical Parameter Inference System (Apsis). To provide simulations, an extensive set of spectra is generated starting from different stellar spectral models, after which different amounts of extinction using Fitzpatrick (1999) extinction curve are applied to them. Finally, a BP/RP simulator developed specifically for the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) is used.

4 files form the full set of parameters accompanying the spectral simulations made for the astrophysical parameters inference, as produced by Coordination Unit 8 of Gaia DPAC. Each file is named according to the spectral library used as input for the simulations. Each line of the files provides the needed characterization of a star: its physical parameters, the derived magnitudes, extinctions and colour excesses based on a specific BP/RP simulated spectra.

The ReadMe coming with the set of files provides the full context, the format of the data and the appropriate references.


Download here the set of Astrophysical Parameter inference files



When using these data we ask you to cite Creevey, O. L., Sordo, R., Pailler, F. et al. 2022 A&A, "Gaia Data Release 3: Astrophysical parameters inference system (Apsis) I - overview"

This product makes use of public axiliary models provided by ESA/Gaia/DPAC/CU8-CU5 for ESA/Gaia/DPAC/CU8 and prepared by Rosanna Sordo, Antonella Vallenari, Paolo Montegriffo, Rene Andrae, Ron Drimmel, Morgan Fouesneau