Recently, no new flyers have been created for the Gaia mission. The media kit of Gaia's data release 3 contains some infographics which can be suitable for use as flyers.

The media kit can be found with the links below:

For Gaia's data release 2, a media kit was created as well, which can be found here.

A series of flyers was created some time ago for Gaia's launch. Find below the double-sided A4 summary sheets of the Gaia mission as PDF files in A4 format (210 mm × 297 mm). The flyers have been translated into six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian) and can be download by clicking on the image thumbnail or the PDF link.




Gaia: Surveying the Galaxy

Original text by: Jane Douglas

PDF (16.6 MB)

Gaia : l'arpenteur de la Voie Lactée

Translated by: Frédéric Arenou

PDF (2013) (16.8 MB)

Updated version 2020

Updated version 2022


Gaia : Vermessung der Galaxie

Translated by: Ralf Keil

PDF (16.8 MB)

Gaia : un mapa de la Galaxia

Translated by: Carmen Blasco & Carme Jordi

PDF (15.7 MB)


Gaia: Een 3D kaart van de Melkweg

Translated by: Anthony Brown & Jos de Bruijne

PDF (16.8 MB)

Gaia: La mappa della Galassia

Translated by: Alberto Vecchiato & Beatrice Bucciarelli

PDF (15.7 MB)