This site provides access to double-sided A4 summary sheets of the Gaia mission in multiple languages. The flyers are available as PDF files in A4 format (210 mm × 297 mm) and can be download by clicking on the image thumbnail or the PDF link.



Gaia: Surveying the Galaxy

Original text by: Jane Douglas

PDF (16.6 MB)

Gaia : l'arpenteur de la Voie Lactée

Translated by: Frédéric Arenou

PDF (2013) (16.8 MB)

Updated version 2020


Gaia : Vermessung der Galaxie

Translated by: Ralf Keil

PDF (16.8 MB)

Gaia : un mapa de la Galaxia

Translated by: Carmen Blasco & Carme Jordi

PDF (15.7 MB)


Gaia: Een 3D kaart van de Melkweg

Translated by: Anthony Brown & Jos de Bruijne

PDF (16.8 MB)

Gaia: La mappa della Galassia

Translated by: Alberto Vecchiato & Beatrice Bucciarelli

PDF (15.7 MB)