With each Gaia data release, high-resolution images are released, suitable as poster. These can be found below. The links can bring you to overview pages containing multiple suitable images, or directly to posters created for a data release. All images with the credit line: "Credits ESA/Gaia/DPAC- CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO" can be printed as posters as well. Most images link to a higher resolution image, available after clicking the image.



A number of general posters about the Gaia mission have been produced. They are available as PDF files in A1 format (594mm x 841mm) and can be scaled to any reasonable size for printing. Click on the image thumbnail, or the PDF link, to download the file. These posters are also available in the French language, accessible from here.



Gaia Mission Poster

Copyright: ESA, ATG medialab, ESO/S. Brunier

PDF (48.0 MB)

Gaia Mission Poster

Produced by: ESA Science

PDF (51.4 MB)


Gaia Mission Overview

Produced by: J. Douglas

PDF (18.2 MB)

Gaia's Scientific Rewards

Produced by: J. Douglas

PDF (14.9 MB)


Gaia: From Observation to Catalogue

Produced by: J. Douglas

PDF (22 MB)

Gaia Spacecraft and Instruments

Produced by: J. Douglas

PDF (15.4 MB)


Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium

Produced by: J. Douglas


Gaia: Industrial Involvement

Produced by: C. Blasco

PDF (16.0 MB)


Gaia: l'arpenteur de la Voie Lactée (only available in French at the moment)

Produced by: C. Turon

Updated posters 2022