Faculty members

The faculty extends over the two main establishments,

and three smaller stations at

  • Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
  • Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, Maryland, USA)
  • Centro de Astrobiología (CAB), co-located with ESAC


  Name Main Research Topics Project(s) Station
A Miriam Aberasturi     ESAC
  Julia Alfonso-Garzón Operation and archive exploitation for Integral/OMC; variable object light curves   CAB
  Bruno Altieri Galaxy clusters; deep infrared surveys; gravitational lensing Euclid ESAC
  Nicolas Altobelli Saturn rings; infrared spectroscopy; interstellar dust; interplanetary dust; asteroids/comets; dust dynamics JUICE, Cassini, Rosetta ESAC
  Nuria Alvarez AGN; blazars; x-ray astronomy Research Fellow (XMM-Newton) ESAC
  Catarina Alves de Oliveira Brown dwarf formation; origin of the initial mass function (IMF); filamentary structure in molecular clouds JWST STScI
  Michele Armano Gravitational waves; effective field theory and General Relativity; black hole physics; geodesy; data analysis for experimental gravity physics; applications to hydrocarbon physics and engineering

Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES)

  Christophe Arviset   Division Head SCI-OP ESAC
B Deborah Baines Pre-main sequence stars (Herbig Ae/Be; T Tauri); Be stars; binaries; proto-planetary discs; spectro-astrometry; virtual observatory (VO) Science archives; VO ESAC
  Lucia Ballo   XMM-Newton ESAC
  Sebastià Barceló Forteza Asteroseismology; variable stars, oscillations (including pulsations); solar-type stars   CAB
  David Barrado y Navascués Brown dwarfs; low-mass stars   CAB
  Laia Barrufet High-z universe; submm galaxies, dusty star-forming galaxies, Dust Obscured Galaxies; multi-wavelength extragalactic surveys; SED fitting codes Research Fellow (Euclid) ESAC
  Guillaume Belanger Galactic Centre; Sgr A*; molecular clouds Integral ESAC
  Johannes Benkhoff Computational modelling of the physics and chemistry of sublimation processes of pourous, dusty, multi-component ices in the Solar System; Mercury. BepiColombo ESTEC
  Mark Bentley Space weathering; comets and asteroids; cometary dust; instrumentation BepiColombo; Rosetta ESAC
  Sebastien Besse Formation and evolution of the Solar System Archives; Rosetta ESAC
  Stephan Birkmann   JWST STScI
  Jose Manuel Blanco   SMOS ESAC
  Torsten Boeker   JWST STScI
  Michel Breitfellner     ESAC
  Jon Brumfitt Software architecture, functional programming; astronomical mission planning; electronics ExoMars, PLATO ESAC
C José Antonio Caballero Stars: binaries: visual; stars: brown dwarfs; stars: low-mass; Galaxy: open clusters and associations   CAB
  Luigi Cacciapuoti Space-based tests of general relativity and quantum mechanics with atomic clocks; matter-wave interferometers; space-to-ground links relying on classical and entangled states of light ACES ESTEC
  Ignacio de la Calle AGN; blazars; TeV astronomy XMM-Newton ESAC
  Hector Canovas Pre-Main Sequence (T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be) stars; protoplanetary disks; planet-disk interactions; high contrast imaging; imaging polarimetry; sub-mm interferometry Research Fellow (Gaia) ESAC
  Alejandro Cardesin Moinelo Terrestrial Planets: Mars and Venus, Planetary Atmospheres, Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy, Spacecraft and Planetary Geometry VEX, MEX, ExoMars and JUICE ESAC
  Miguel Cerviño Synthetic modelling of stellar populations; massive stars; Virtual Observatory   CAB
  Daniela Coia Galaxy clusters ExoMars ESAC
  Luigi Colangeli   Coordination ESTEC
  Luca Conversi (sub)mm cosmology; cosmic microwave background; cosmic IR background Euclid ESAC
  Thomas Cornet Planetary surface processes; thermodynamics; landscape evolution; icy moons BepiColombo ESAC
  Miriam Cortés Contreras     CAB
  Marc Costa i Sitjà Solar system science operations development; planetary data; orbital mechanics; atmosphere dynamics VEX ESAC
  Nicolas Crouzet Exoplanets: detection by transits, observation of atmospheres, Photometric surveys, instrumentation, Astronomy & Astrophysics from Antarctica JWST ESTEC
  Cian Crowley     ESAC
  Maria Angeles Cuevas Planetary geology; comets; planetary science operations Rosetta ESAC
D Arancha Delgado Álvarez     CAB
  Albert Domingo Garau INTEGRAL/OMC; detectors; photometric techniques; variable stars   CAB
  Jos de Bruijne Young stellar groups, astrometry, dynamical modelling Gaia ESTEC
  Guido De Marchi Star formation, stellar populations, interstellar medium JWST , Archives ESTEC
  Xavier Dupac Observational cosmology; interstellar medium; cosmic microwave background Planck ESAC
E Jacobo Ebrero Carrero AGN; warm absorbers and cosmic feedback processes; evolution and large-scale structure of AGN XMM-Newton ESAC
  Matthias Ehle Environment of galaxies; galactic halos; cosmic magnetic fields; interstellar and intergalactic medium; galaxy clusters XMM-Newton ESAC
  Philippe Escoubet Space plasma physics, Sun-Earth connection, ion spectrometry and spacecraft potential Cluster/ Double Star ESTEC
  Pilar Esquej Tidal disruption of stars by supermassive BHs; XMM-Newton Slew Survey Herschel ESAC
F Ginevra Favole Large scale structure; emission-line galaxies; galaxy clustering and weak lensing; mock catalogues; N-body cosmological simulations Research Fellow ESAC
  Susana Fernandez Garcia AGN; planetary astronomy; stellar astrophysics XMM-Newton ESAC
  Pierre Ferruit   JWST ESTEC
  Bernhard Fleck   Soho GSFC
  Emmet Fletcher Conjunction and re-entry prediction for Earth-orbiting spacecraft; fragmentation modelling; spacecraft / civil population protection   ESAC
  Rune Floberghagen   Division Head SCI-OO ESAC
  Bernard Foing Moon, Mars, planetary, astrobiology, solar-stellar, exoplanets, techniques & instruments SMART-1 ESTEC
  Diego Fraga Planetary data archiving; data formats, data processing and calibration; software development for space applications; optical instruments. Rosetta ESAC
  Emilio Fraile Earth Observation, Remote Sensing; Fundamental Physics, Gravitational Waves, Black Hole Physics; Fermi Paradox; Earth-like Planets Gaia ESAC
  David Frew   Rosetta ESAC
  Felix Fürst Accretion physics; neutron star and black hole binaries; ultra-luminous X-ray sources; timeseries analysis Research Fellow ESAC
G Carlos Gabriel XMM-Newton SAS XMM-Newton ESAC
  Julio Gallegos Alvarado     ESAC
  Pedro Garcia Lario Stellar evolution; AGB to PNe evolution; IR observations Herschel ESAC
  Macarena Garcia Marin   JWST STScI
  Bernhard Geiger Statistical and numerical techniques for scientific data analysis MEX; VEX; Rosetta ESAC
  Giovanna Giardino   JWST ESTEC
  Margherita Giustini X-rays; accretion disks; active galaxies; super massive blach holes and quasars   CAB
  Pedro Gomez Gravitational-lensed QSOs Euclid ESAC
  Philippe Gondoin Cool stars; stellar activity and open clusters PLATO ESTEC
  Beatriz Gonzalez Garcia   XMM-Newton ESAC
  Rosario Gonzalez Riestra Cataclysmic variables; classical novae; recurrent novae; symbiotic stars XMM-Newton ESAC
  Georgina Graham Heliophysics; solar wind; plasma physics Research Fellow (Solar Orbiter) ESAC
  Björn Grieger Planetary surfaces Rosetta ESAC
  Anik de Groof Solar physics; EUV coronal heating; coronal loops; space weather in EUV imaging; solar EUV instrumentation PROBA2; Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Matteo Guainazzi AGN; Seyfert galaxies; narrow line regions; radio galaxies; General Relativity; accretion disks Athena ESTEC
H Lina Hadid Plasma physics, planetary science, solar wind, planetary magnetospheres, icy moons, dusts, in-situ fields and particle measurements, data analysis JUICE ESTEC
  Günther Hasinger

Compact objects; X-ray background and cosmology

Director SCI ESAC
  David Heather   PSA ESAC
  Ana Heras Detection and characterisation of exoplanets; stellar activity and exoplanets; debris disks Plato ESTEC
  Raymond Hoofs Planetary science operations; experiment operations; Venus; comets VEX ESAC
  Nuria Huélamo Young stellar objects; brown dwarfs; exosolar planets; proto-planetary disks   CAB
  Hans Huybrighs Galilean moons: atmospheres and magnetospheric interactions JUICE ESTEC
I Aitor Ibarra Ibaibarriaga Highly obscured sources; IGR J16318-4848 XMM-Newton ESAC
  Kate Isaak   CHEOPS ESTEC
J Fred Jansen     ESTEC
  Francisco Jiménez-Esteban Stellar evolution; AGB; post-AGB; LBV; Virtual Observatory   CAB
  Oliver Jennrich Gravitational Waves, precision metrology, gravitational physics LISA Pathfinder, L3 theme "The gravitational Universe", Suzaku ESTEC
K Sarah Kendrew High-mass star formation in the Milky Way; stellar feedback; galaxy evolution at high z; citizen science JWST STScI
  Martin Kessler     ESAC
  Mark Kidger Photometric calibration; comets; blazars Herschel ESAC
  Markus Kissler-Patig Exoplanets; astrobiology; optical/near-infrared telescopes and instrumentation Department Head SCI-O ESAC
  Ralf Kohley Gaia calibration; novel imaging detectors Euclid ESAC
  Detlef Koschny Meteors, asteroids Phobus Sample Return, SSA ESTEC
  Peter Kretschmar Accreting X-ray pulsars; cyclotron lines; pulse profiles Integral, XMM-Newton ESAC
  Sandor Kruk Galaxy morphology Euclid ESAC
  Michael Kueppers Cometary Physics; asteroids Rosetta ESAC
  Erik Kuulkers X-ray binaries; Galactic bulge monitoring; X-ray bursts Integral ESTEC
L Harri Laakso   Cluster ESAC
  Álvaro Labiano James Webb Space Telescope; AGN   CAB
  Uwe Lammers Astrometry; Gaia self-calibration; general relativity in the context of Gaia Gaia ESAC
  Rene Laureijs Interstellar Medium; Cosmology with Euclid Euclid ESTEC
  Maggie Lieu Galaxy clusters; weak gravitational lensing; cosmology; Bayesian statistics Research Fellow (Euclid) ESAC
  Tanya Lim   ExoMars ESAC
  Nora Loiseau Interacting galaxies XMM-Newton ESAC
  Oliver Lomax Star formation, protostars JWST ESAC
  Belen Lopez Low-mass stars and brown dwarfs; star formation; extrasolar planets; optical and infrared astronomy; space astronomy   ESAC
  Marcos López-Caniego Cosmology, cosmic microwave background; gravitational lensing; radio and sub-mm sources; compact sources Planck ESAC
  Rosario Lorente Magnetic activity in late type stars   ESAC
  Alvaro Llorente   SMOS ESAC
  Nora Luetzgendorf   JWST STScI
M Alan Macfarlane Planetary science; data visualisation and modelling BepiColombo ESAC
  Jesús Maíz Apellániz Massive stars; massive young clusters; interstellar lines and extinction; surveys; photometric calibration   CAB
  Julia Marín-Yaseli de la Parra Cometary science; coma dust particles MEX ESAC
  Anthony Marston Evolved massive stars; Wolf-Rayet stars; interaction with environment JWST STScI
  Patrick Martin Mars; planetary surface composition; remote sensing; mineralogy MEX; VEX ESAC
  Raul Martin Lesma Astronomical electronics and instrumentation Gaia ESAC
  Fernando Martin Porqueras     ESAC
  Santa Martinez Planetary data; science archives BepiColombo ESAC
  Juan-Manuel Martin-Fleitas Astronomical instrumentation Gaia ESAC
  J. Miguel Mas-Hesse Astronomical instrumentation, methods and techniques; astrobiology; starburst galaxies; high redshift galaxies   CAB
  Arnaud Masson Space plasma physics, Sun-Earth connection, natural plasma waves Cluster ESAC
  Gabriele Matzeu AGN; X-ray spectroscopy; Ultra Fast Outflows; AGN feedback; accretion physics Research Fellow (XMM-Newton) ESAC
  Mark McCaughrean     ESTEC
  Paul McNamara Gravitational waves, data analysis, instrument characterisation, interferometry design and operation LISA Pathfinder ESTEC
  Luis Mendes Cosmic microwave background; sosmological isotropy; gravitational waves Planck ESAC
  Ignacio Mendigutía Star and planet formation; protoplanetary disks; star-disk-planet interactions; Herbig Ae/Be stars; high spatial resolution techniques   CAB
  Bruno Merín Star formation; protoplanetary disks and planet formation; IR astronomy ESDC ESAC
  Donald Merritt Systems engineering; geology; planetary astronomy; spacecraft operations VEX ESAC
  Leo Metcalfe Gravitational lensing; Deep galaxy surveys in IR; Clusters of galaxies Herschel; ExoMars ESAC
  Lionel Metrailler Radiation data analysis; Earth radiation belt modeling Integral ESAC
  Harold Metselaar Mathematician; spectrometers   ESTEC
  Daniel Michalik Astrometry; Bayesian inference; Gaia; TGAS Gaia ESTEC
  Helen Middleton Planetary atmospheres and ionospheres BepiColombo ESAC
  Simone Migliari   XMM-Newton ESAC
  Matteo Miluzio   Euclid ESAC
  Giovanni Miniutti X-ray astronomy; AGN; X-ray binaries; black holes; neutron stars; accretion discs; general relativity   CAB
  Richard Moissl     ESAC
  Benjamin Montesinos Proto-planetary disks; activity cycles in late-type stars; hydrodynamics of gas in the penumbra of sunspots   CAB
  Alcione Mora Astronomical instrumentation; star formation Gaia ESAC
  María Morales Calderón     CAB
  Daniel Müller Solar physics: numerical modelling, data visualisation, spectropolarimetry Solar Orbiter ESTEC
  Carlos Muniz Solaz     ESAC
  Michela Muñoz Fernández   ExoMars ESAC
N Vicente Navarro Computational methods ESDC ESAC
  Federico Nespoli VIRTIS; PFS; spectroscopy VEX ESAC
  Jan-Uwe Ness Supersoft X-ray binary sources; classical novae; stellar coronae; high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy XMM-Newton ESAC
  Antonella Nota Star clusters and nebulae HST STScI
O Eduardo Ojero Pascual Software development for astronomical data XMM-Newton ESAC
  Lyndsay Old Galaxy clusters; galaxy evolution; cosmology; large-scale structure Research Fellow ESAC
  Joana S. Oliveira Planetary magnetic fields BepiColombo ESTEC
  Larry O'Rourke   PLATO ESAC
  Iñaki Ortiz de Landaluce   BepiColombo ESAC
  Pedro Osuna Alcalaya Heliophysics; Exospheric Solar Wind acceleration; Plasma Physics Solar Orbiter ESAC
P Michael Parker X-ray spectroscopy and timing; accretion physics and strong gravity; AGN and X-ray binaries; AGN feedback Research Fellow (XMM-Newton) ESAC
  Arvind Parmar X-ray astronomy; X-ray binaries particulaly low-mass X-ray dippers XMM-Newton, INTEGRAL, EXOSAT ESTEC
  Jose Vicente Perea Calderon Stellar Evolution; AGB to PNe evolution; IR observations XMM-Newton ESAC
  Fernando Perez Cometary physics BepiColombo ESAC
  Miguel Perez Ayucar Solar observatory; Venus; Titan; bistatic radar; interplanetary media scintillation VEX ESAC
  Ana Pérez García     CAB
  Ricardo Perez Martinez Gravitational lensing; galaxy clusters; deep IR surveys XMM-Newton ESAC
  Janine Pforr Evolution of galaxies with cosmic time through their properties, such as their mass, age and rate of star formation, using multi-wavelength surveys and galaxy template model fitting Research Fellow ESTEC
  Göran Pilbratt   Herschel ESTEC
  Ciro Pinto Astrophysics of accreting black holes and compact objects within the context of galactic feedback XMM-Newton; Athena ESTEC
  Timo Prusti Young Stars; Disks; Clusters and Clouds in Gould Belt Gaia ESTEC
  Elena Puga Formation of high-mass stars JWST STScI
R Mercedes Ramos   Gaia ESAC
  Tim Rawle Galaxy clusters; gravitational lensing; high redshift galaxies; Herschel surveys JWST STScI
  Stefan Remus Remote sensing   ESTEC
  Miriam Rengel   Herschel ESAC
  Carlos Rodrigo Virtual observatory standards, theoretical models, applications   CAB
  Pedro Rodriguez Pascual AGN; line emitting gas; star forming processes; solar system bodies in X-rays XMM-Newton ESAC
  Ottaviano Ruesch Planetary science Research Fellow ESTEC
S Emilio Salazar Artificial Intelligence in astronomy; high energy physics   ESAC
  Luis Sanchez Solar physics; helioseismology; solar cycle Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Carmen Sánchez Contreras AGB stars; pre-planetary nebulae; planetary nebulae   CAB
  Celia Sanchez Fernandez Low-mass X-ray binaries; X-ray bursts Integral ESAC
  Maria Santos Lleo AGN; multi-wavelength spectroscopy of Seyfert 1 galaxies XMM-Newton ESAC
  Jorge Sanz Forcada Stellar coronae; X-rays from hot stars; effects of X-rays in planetary atmospheres   CAB
  Richard Saxton AGN; X-ray flaring galaxies; tidal disruption of stars by supermassive BHs; XMM-Newton Slew Survey XMM-Newton ESAC
  Norbert Schartel X-ray emission of AGNs; X-ray weak quasars; relativistically broad iron line around black holes; ionized absorbers XMM-Newton ESAC
  Rita Schulz Cometary Science and minor bodies   ESTEC
  Elliot Sefton-Nash Planetary geology & remote sensing: surface properties (thermophysical, morphological, mineralogical), surface-atmosphere interaction, volatiles, habitability, computational methods, planetary GIS ExoMars ESTEC
  Marco Sirianni JWST calibration; optical and IR detectors JWST STScI
  Linda Smith   HST STScI
  Michael Smith X-ray and radio observations; supernova remnants XMM-Newton ESAC
  Enrique Solano Astronomical databases; virtual observatory tools; asteroids; brown dwarfs   CAB
  Anezina Solomonidou Geology of icy moons; surface evolution; interior dynamics Research Fellow (JUICE) ESAC
  Paule Sonnentrucker Molecular astrophysics and ices in space; interstellar medium and dust; star formation HST STScI
  Anamarija Stankov Asterosismology; stellar interiors; stellar oscillations BepiColombo ESTEC
  Craig Stephenson History of celestial mechanics; three-body problem and periodic orbits   ESAC
  Martin Stuhlinger AGN; X-ray variability of quasars; 3C 273; X-ray Binaries; Vela X-1 XMM-Newton ESAC
  Håkan Svedhem   ExoMars, Venus Express ESTEC
T Antonio Talavera Iniesta Stellar winds and mass loss in A-type supergiants; chromospheres in A/F type stars; spectroscopy of Herbig Ae/Be stars; protoplanetary disks in PMS stars XMM-Newton ESAC
  Jan Tauber Structure and composition of the diffuse Galactic Interstellar Medium using data from Planck and/or balloon-based observatories. CMB cosmology using Planck data products Planck ESTEC
  Matt Taylor Space plasma physics, predominently magnetospheric boundary layers using multi-spacecraft and multi-mission data sets Rosetta, Cluster ESTEC
  Damien Texier   Division Head SCI-OD ESAC
  David Teyssier Massive star formation; astro-chemistry of the interstellar medium Herschel , Gaia ESAC
  Dmitriy Titov Planetary atmospheres and surfaces, remote sensing Mars Express, Venus Express ESTEC
  Laura Tomas Cosmic X-ray background; AGN XMM-Newton ESAC
V Jorge Vago   Exomars ESTEC
  Claire Vallat Cometary science Rosetta ESAC
  Ivan Valtchanov Galaxy clusters and groups; large-scale structure; cosmology; multi-wavelength observations Herschel ESAC
  Wouter van Reeven Galaxies; galaxy clusters Gaia ESAC
  Roland Vavrek Interstellar medium; molecular clouds; wavelet image analysis Euclid ESAC
  Javier Ventura-Traveset Scientific aspects of GNSS / Satellite Navigation, including General relativity, relativistic positioning, ionosphere / space weather, metrology, etc Galileo, EGNOS, NAVISP ESAC
  Eva Verdugo Rodrigo A-type supergiants; T Tauri stars Herschel ESAC
  Martin Voelker Planetary geology; planetary surface processes; remote sensing; geography Research Fellow (Exomars) ESAC
W Andrew Walsh Space plasma physics; terrestrial magnetosphere; magnetotail structure and dynamics; solar wind Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Dave Williams Solar and heliospheric physics Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Olivier Witasse Planetary atmospheres JUICE ESTEC
Y Japheth Yates Comparative planetology; magnetospheres; gas giant planets Research Fellow ESAC
Z Joe Zender Solar physics, terrestrial planets, metor physics (spectral analysis) Proba, BepiColombo ESTEC
  Alice Zocchi Globular clusters Research Fellow ESTEC
  Yannis Zouganelis   Solar Orbiter ESAC